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Newest Update

1.1.2 Alpha (3/25/2021)

Big content update especially for PvE, which needed some loving.


  • +2 NEW TOWERS!
  • +6 NEW TROOPS!
  • Big balance pass

Previous Update

1.1.151 Alpha (2/12/2021)

Big fixes and small additions in this update for PVP.


  • Ranked PVP consolidated into regular PVP

  • New PVP Elo gain/lose indicator in arena

  • PVP Elo progression fixed

  • Small balance pass

  • Lots of content coming soon!

Balance Passes

  • Troops
    • Chad now has 420 health, up from 69
    • Karen now has a much bigger bounding box, this will also help her aggro troops properly
    • Lurker Armor is now 50, up from 0
    • Hellspawn death explosion damage & radius significantly buffed
      Bug Fixes
  • Golem death animation should now play properly

Incoming Update (Not yet shipped to live)

1.1.21 Alpha (4/??/2021)



Balance Passes

  • General
  • Troops

Archive (Old Updates)

1.1.15 Alpha (1/30/2021)

Ranked PVP was added, delivering a new competitive experience to the game. Players can now compete to prove their greater prowess over all others. And leaderboards were introduced for many categories so you can show off!



  • Global Leaderboards added in Armory

  • Small balance pass & bugfixes

  • Karen tower/troop added

  • Lots of content coming soon!

Balance Passes

  • General
    • Easy mode is now twice as easy
    • Normal mode is slightly easier
    • Hard mode is slightly easier
  • Troops
    • Voidlord duplicates faster but only 1 Voidlord can be placed per player
1.1.13 Alpha (1/27/2021)

A new boss for PvE, the gamemode hasn’t been forgotten! You can play against King Elric IV in any gamemode besides Easy mode.

Also some new maps for PvP to freshen up the scene. A new ability & a Cleanse ability rework.


  • ‘Ashenvale’ PvP map added
  • ‘Mournwood’ PvP map added
  • ‘King Elric IV’ PvE boss added
  • ‘Light Explosion’ magic damage ability added
  • ‘Cleanse’ utility ability reworked

Balance Passes

  • General
  • Towers
    • Grove Warden Regrowth ability cooldown reduced to 1s, down from 4s
  • Troops
    • Chad cost increased to 6.9k, up from 1
    • Voidlord duplication ability cooldown is now 20s, down from 30s
    • Warg speed reduced to 5, down from 7
    • Warg attack speed reduced to 2s, up from 1s
    • Warg health reduced to 1, down from 5
    • Hellspawn death blast damage significantly increased
1.1.05 Alpha (1/22/2021)

A quick update to add a buncha new thangs for PvP! Also a few balance passes over the PvE scene.

  • 3 New PvP maps
  • 2 New PvP troops
  • Helloc has made a return…

Balance Passes

  • Towers
    • Gold Mine is no longer affected by the gamemode gold modifier (gold mine earns much more in Hard/Legendary)
    • Great Cannon damage significantly increased
    • Astrapomancer Zap damage significantly reduced
    • Hoplite attack speed is now 2, down from 4
    • Crossbowman damage significantly increased
MEGA UPDATE 1.1.0 Alpha (1/19/2021)

Another mega update dropped, what a pleasant way to start the new year!
This update was monumental as another promised core gamemode was released; Player vs. Player! In this gamemode you buy Troops & Abilities in the lobby and then enter a PvP match. From there you choose a map and place down your troops in any fashion you desire! There are two (2) teams, yours, and your opponents. Get your oppositions health to zero (0) first and you win!

Along with PvP comes URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) and Legendary. Just incase you wanted to challenge yourself more!

Also some minor balance passes along with a Shard Squish. For reasons mentioned below.

Developer Statement

“Thank you all so much for your support to Tower Defenders, be it through purchases, playing the game, etc. This game is mostly solo developed, I cannot thank you enough. This decision was made due to the unhealthy amount of hoarded Shards from content droughts / lack of currency pits. If you have over 2,500 shards your shard amount will be reduced by 90% (but will not go lower than 2,500. This is a one-time effect and I apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you so much for playing Tower Defenders. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” - lysandr


  • PvP Gamemode

  • URF Gamemode (Ultra Rapid Fire, basically speed of everything is significantly increased)

  • Legendary Gamemode

  • Balance pass

-Shard Squish

  • 23 Troops added for PvP gamemode, along with 3 maps

Balance Passes

  • General

  • Endless mode is now harder

  • Endless mode now earns less shards

  • Hard mode earns less shards (to balance for Legendary)

  • Towers

    • Farm upgrade costs increased to 200k each level

Bug Fixes

  • Can no longer gain God of Death, God of Destruction, or God of Healing in according gamemodes as detailed in the achievements’ descriptions

  • Gold Mine now the gold it earns and the timer for the next gold generate

1.0.38 Alpha (11/4/2020)

A crucial feature calls for a mini update, enjoy!


  • Rejoin feature added

  • Tower lore added for; Arcantech Commando, Astrapomancer, Crossbowman, and Golem


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