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Season 6 time!

:white_small_square:Prestige CS Todd (Leaderboard)
:white_small_square:Zenith Mr. Robot (Season Pass)
:white_small_square:Zenith CS Todd (Season Pass)
:white_small_square:Zenith TGY Ixchel (Season Pass)
:white_small_square:Zenith TGY Maddy (Season Pass)
:white_small_square:Zenith Queen Mab of the Fae (Season Pass)

:white_small_square:NEW: Big Boss
:white_small_square:Heroic has been replaced with Blizzard

:white_small_square:Super Big Boss
:white_small_square:Super Blizzard

:white_small_square:Rewards for Expert- have been increased
:white_small_square:Enemies and summons now show their name
:white_small_square:Scoring has been changed to balance out damage scoring with other types of scoring
:white_small_square:Immune no longer removes Corruption (Immune prevents corruption from being applied still)

:white_small_square:Shop cost for all toys has been lowered by 100 (their shop cost and placing cost are now equal)
:white_small_square:Toys are now unlocked by buying them for a 1 time, high cost buy, instead of unlocking them through achievements (their cost x 20)
:white_small_square:You can now buy ranked toys in the shop

:white_small_square:Difficulty is selected by the box owner (no more voting, as it is not needed anymore with this new system)
:white_small_square:Heroic and Super Heroic are now officially difficulties
:white_small_square:Difficulties are now locked by ranks
:white_small_square:Difficulties are now individualized! (You can now play with anyone, regardless of ranks!)

(Boy Guest can be sold for 100% value for a while)
:white_small_square:Sun Slayer rework
:white_small_square:ColdDeveloper rework
:white_small_square:TB ZED’s Summoned ZEDs now have 4 damage and 4 speed instead of 3 and 3, but now has “Cooldown doesn’t start until you don’t have a ZED out”
:white_small_square:Frost Guard General’s 4th and 5th upgrades affect all Frost Soldiers instead of just your own
:white_small_square:Frost Empresses 4th upgrade affect all Frost Soldiers instead of just your own, and her 3rd upgrade affects all Frost towers instead of herself only
:white_small_square:Queen Mab of the Fae’s 3rd upgrade heals +0.5 instead of +0.4, and her 4th upgrade gives summons damage +15% instead of +10%
:white_small_square:TGY Sofia Gonzales can now use her ability without targeting an enemy on her 5th upgrade
:white_small_square:Boy Guest’s 5th upgrade is now “ALL Guests have damage +3 and ALL Summoned Guest have speed +0.5”


  • Only one chest can be given per game
  • You can get any number of items in a chest
  • :exclamation: = Recently changed

Common Chests:

1/500 chance to spawn (per mob). Can spawn in any difficulty.

  • 20% chance to get 1000 Tickets
  • 13% chance to get Rank 0 Toy
  • 11% chance to get Rank 1 Toy
  • 10% chance to get 1 Ticket Booster
  • 10% chance to get 1 Exp Booster
  • 8% chance to get 1 Extra Life
  • 7% chance to get Steampunk TB Zed skin

Rare Chests:

1/1000 chance to spawn (per mob). Only spawns on Expert+

  • 20% chance to get 5000 Tickets
  • 10% chance to get 2 Ticket Booster
  • 10% chance to get 2 Exp Booster
  • 9% chance to get Rank 2 Toy
  • 8% chance to get 2 Extra Life
  • 7% chance to get Rank 3 Toy
  • 7% chance to get Lightning JackOfAllTrades101 skin

Legendary Chests:

1/2500 chance to spawn (per mob). Only spawns on Impossible.

  • 20% chance to get 20000 Tickets
  • 10% chance to get 3 Ticket Booster
  • 10% chance to get 3 Exp Booster
  • 8% chance to get 3 Extra Life
  • 7% chance to get Hunter Firebrand1 skin
  • 5% chance to get Rank 4 Toy
  • 3% chance to get Rank 5 Toy

April Fools Chests:

3/1250 chance to spawn (per mob). Can spawn in any difficulty.
Is on a different variable than the normal chests, so you can get one of these, and one normal chest per game

  • 20% chance to get 500 Tickets
  • 15% chance to get 1000 Tickets
  • 9% chance to get Mega Classic Noob skin
  • 8% chance to get Let's Make A Deal skin
  • 7% chance to get Reverse WoodReviewer skin
  • 6% chance to get Evil King Lord Emperor of Doom Destruction Decimation Domination Death Despair and Dismay skin
  • 5% chance to get Galaxy Grill skin
  • 4% chance to get Jester D Bad Banana skin



:white_small_square:Check for a new code celebrating 15 million visits!
:white_small_square:Code ‘100KMEMBERS’ no longer works
:white_small_square:Code ‘10KLIKES’ no longer works

:white_small_square:TGY Sofia Gonzales ($400)
:white_small_square:TGY Ixchel ($300)

:white_small_square:MNS Bacon Factory

:white_small_square:Easter FF Croc (Legendary)
:white_small_square:Easter Berezaa (Legendary)
:white_small_square:Easter Quenty (Rare) (Forgot to change his cannons, will fix later)
:white_small_square:Spring JackOfAllTrades101 (Rare)
:white_small_square:Spring Scarlet Sorceress (Rare)
:white_small_square:Spring Matt Dusek (Rare)
:white_small_square:Easter Dued1 (Common)
:white_small_square:Easter RH Class President (Common)
:white_small_square:Easter Litozinnamon (Common)
:white_small_square:Easter BOM Minotaur (Common)
:white_small_square:Easter BOM Knittens (Common)
:white_small_square:Hot-rod chillthrill709 (Code)

:white_small_square:MNS Bacon Factory Enemies
:white_small_square:Bacon Billions

:white_small_square:Super Bacon Billions

:white_small_square:Wish_z’s 3rd upgrade now says “Damage doubles any poison on enemies (can’t stack)” instead of “Poison damage +1”


:ocean: WELCOME TO SEASON 5 :ocean:

:white_small_square:Ocean Hunter Sethalonian (Season Pass)
:white_small_square:Ocean Hunter Crimson Catseye (Season Pass)
:white_small_square:Ocean Hunter Lavacomet (Season Pass)
:white_small_square:Ocean Hunter Keith (Season Pass)
:white_small_square:Ocean Hunter NL Teiyia (Season Pass)
:white_small_square:Prestige Crimson Catseye (Leaderboard)

:white_small_square:Seranok is now unlocked by ‘Awesome Score’ instead of ‘Epic Score’
:white_small_square:‘Off The Charts Score!’ now requires 3 million score instead of 10 million
:white_small_square:All the ‘Conquer’ achievements are now Expert+ instead of Master+
:white_small_square:‘Pizza Time.’ now requires 5+ people instead of 8+
:white_small_square:‘Triumphant Trio’ is now Master+ instead of Impossible

:white_small_square:Melee Towers
:white_small_square:Ranged Towers
:white_small_square:Super All Immune is harder
:white_small_square:All Regen is harder
:white_small_square:Super Dinner Raid is harder
:white_small_square:[PREVIEW] Pirate’s Bay makes enemies 10% slower
:white_small_square:[PREVIEW] Toy Town makes enemies 25% faster

:white_small_square:April Fool’s mini event has ended
:white_small_square:Lots of maps/enemies have been buffed/nerfed
:white_small_square:Waves now have an average time of 20s instead of 30s
:white_small_square:The number of non-boss enemies has been reduced by 33%
:white_small_square:The health of non-boss enemies has been increased by 20%
:white_small_square:Waves 12 and 18 will pause for 30s if the previous naturally spawned boss is still alive
:white_small_square:JackOfAllTrades101 can no longer create abusive portals
:white_small_square:Alexnewtron’s Bouncy Balls now do full damage instead of half damage
:white_small_square:BOM Minotaur’s 5th upgrade now does 10 damage when enemies fall down instead of 5
:white_small_square:Berezaa’s Ore Supernova given damage is doubled
:white_small_square:Archmage Arm Dealer’s Wind Funnel buff is given even if the tower isn’t moved
:white_small_square:Yeti’s 5th upgrade now permanently slows enemies hit by Snowball by 20%
:white_small_square:chillthrill709’s Boat now loses 1% health every 2s instead of 1s
:white_small_square:Fallen Artemis’s ability cooldown is now 4 instead of 6, her infinite is now damage +4 instead of +2, and Dark Shot fires faster
:white_small_square:Firebrand1’s 4th upgrade now has “If Ignite was not used last wave, next Ignite has burn damage +1 (max 10)” instead of ability range +6 and his 5th upgrade can now stack

These towers can be sold for 100% value for a while
:white_small_square:FF Croc’s ability cooldown is now 19 instead of 12
:white_small_square:RH Nurse’s Healing is reduced by 1/4ths
:white_small_square:Headless Horseman’s infinite now gives damage +2 instead of +4
:white_small_square:Frost Empresses’ 4th upgrade now caps at 10 enemies, but her 5th upgrade is now 2 damage instead of 1
:white_small_square:TB ZED’s infinite upgrade now gives ZED damage +1 instead of +2
:white_small_square:NL Teiyia’s 4th upgrade now caps at 30 ability range
:white_small_square:NL Crown Collector’s 4th upgrade now caps at 30 ability range
:white_small_square:Myzta’s infinite upgrade no longer has damage +1


:white_small_square:Fixed a lot of the bugs, new and old ones (Including the chests in PvP glitch)
:white_small_square:Using an extra life in the event will NO LONGER remove the event toys and event tickets
:white_small_square:Pharaohs and Toxic Mushrooms can no longer heal bosses
:white_small_square:Rebalanced bosses on the new map


This part of the event features a new map, modifiers, toys, skins, and enemies. Team up with the Fantastic Frontier toys and travel to The Town of Right and Wrong to take on various enemies from Fantastic Frontier. Play the event to earn Easter tickets to buy exclusive skins in the event shop and to earn the new toys, TGY Maddy and TGY Booker, from ‘Egg Hunt: The Great Yolktales’.

:white_small_square:TGY Maddy ($500)
:white_small_square:TGY Booker ($50)

:white_small_square:Easter Imaginaerum (Legendary)
:white_small_square:Easter Beeism (Legendary)
:white_small_square:Spring Fallen Artemis (Rare)
:white_small_square:Easter Lavacomet (Rare)
:white_small_square:Aymegg Crimson Catseye (Rare)
:white_small_square:Easter zKevin (Common)
:white_small_square:Easter Let’s Make A Deal (Common)
:white_small_square:Easter Nurse (Common)
:white_small_square:Easter Vurse (Common)
:white_small_square:Spring 4sci (Code)

:white_small_square:FF The Town of Right and Wrong (This is the first third-party map!!)

:white_small_square:Metacity Enemies
:white_small_square:FF The Town of Right and Wrong Enemies

:white_small_square:New code! Check
:white_small_square:Code ‘5MILLION’ no longer works
:white_small_square:Code ‘7MILLION’ no longer works

:white_small_square:All difficulties except Impossible make more in-game cash
:white_small_square:Easy, Normal, and Hard give more rewards than before
:white_small_square:Expert, Master, and Impossible give less rewards than before

:white_small_square:Perfect Bonus! If you take no damage in a non-PvP game, you earn more tickets
:white_small_square:Bosses now give x10 their normal kill cash
:white_small_square:Starting Health is now 300 x base difficulty


In a futuristic city, Metaverse portals are used to enable teleportation throughout the city with ease. Due to overuse, the portals have become unstable, resulting in the rebel champion, Fey Yoshida, to finally escape the Metaverse! The Cyber Overlord aims to recapture Fey while the unstable portals are warping the city! Team up with Fey and your favorite Roblox toys to defend our world from the Cyber Overlord and earn one of Fey’s Terror Cases!

NEW CODE - Check our Twitter!

:white_small_square:Fey Yoshida ($350)

:white_small_square:Metaverse Sun Slayer (Achievement)
:white_small_square:Metaverse JackOfAllTrades101 (Achievement)
:white_small_square:Metaverse Erythia (Achievement)
:white_small_square:Team Fey Classic Noob (Code)

:white_small_square:Metaverse Champion
:white_small_square:Metaverse Hero
:white_small_square:Metaverse Rebel

:white_small_square:Personal Boxes now kick their owner if they are AFK for 30 seconds
:white_small_square:Personal Boxes maximum number of players is now 4/8 with 2 spots left open for joining instead of 5/10 with 5 spots left open for joining
:white_small_square:Lobby maximum number of players is now 30 instead of 50


:rabbit: EASTER EVENT - PART 1!!! :rabbit:
Eggs have been scattered across all the maps! Find them for special Easter themed skins that you unlock after collecting 8 and all 17 Eggs! Check out the Egg Icon on the left side of your screen to see which eggs you’ve collected, and where to go to collect more!

  • You must win the game to keep the egg!
  • Using Small Map / Big Map modifiers will cause the eggs to disappear so you can’t get them for that round!

Part 2 of the Easter event will be coming soon, we have lots planned, but we just wanted to give you something to hold you over until then!


:white_small_square:The skin box has been replaced by 4 new skin boxes; Normal, Epic, Mythical, and Unobtainable
:white_small_square:Skin boxes now show their rarity chances

:white_small_square:Both score leaderboards have been reset
:white_small_square:EXP Gained leaderboard has been added
:white_small_square:Score is now reduced per each additional player in the game, we are hoping this will balance out leaderboards to enable solo scores
:white_small_square:Teaism, Alexnewtron, and Fallen Artemis ranged buff scoring improved
:white_small_square:Speed scoring is now more accurate

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