Toya is Hiring Developers - Scripter and Storyboard Writer


Toya is hiring developers!

About Toya

Greetings! As many of you are aware, my name is LuckyTux and I have been developing on Roblox since 2014. Today, I am representing Toya, a small upcoming game development team based out of Europe, for which I work for them as a Roblox Developer in marketing. In regards to Toya as a company, it is developing games for several different platforms with Roblox as the latest endeavor. One such example is how Toya has products currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace.

About The Job

As of right now, we currently have filled the roles of builders, model designers, advertising artists, gameplay theorists, and as a basic scripter; however, we hope to expand more on the Roblox development front. The core concept of the game is intended to be a new take on the simulator mold.

With alpha intended to be released in a few weeks, we are looking for experienced Roblox scripter to join our team. This person would have to be an all-around programmer and able to handle game core functionality, UI, store, backend etc.
We have builders who will provide all required visual assets.

Storyboard Writer:
We intend to make the game as appealing as possible to as many demographics as we can. Hence, the storyboard writer must be able to develop a fun, gameplay narrative that is able to keep interaction at a high level along with making sure that the game is fairly monetizable, since we hope to make the game not PTW.


  • Have experience in the fields requested in “About the Job”
  • Be legally old enough to sign a contract and NDA (17+)
  • Be able to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to the project
  • Be able to fluently communicate in English

Information on Toya:


Unlike many projects on Roblox itself, Toya pays it developers per hour in a real life currency of their choice rather than robux or percentage. This price can be negotiated.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via email

You must be 17 years or older to apply.

Thanks for your interest!


I am interested in the storyboard writer position.

Just some notable things to add. I believe the game in question is Aqua Mission.

Also, in the past Toya made a recruitment post that lead to some interesting discussion about Toya & how corporations that “want to create experiences for kids” operate. Just some things that potential candidates should read over, as the conversation in that thread points out some of the flaws that corporations can do to you, and how you might want to be careful as to safeguard yourself going forward to have the best possible experience with Toya going forward.

That is the barebones version of the main idea of the game, yes. However, retention levels being low have led us to redesigning it.

As a paid subcontractor under a contract, I can give my word as both your friend and fellow developer that the contract they provide outlines how Toya protects the user. I completely recommend you apply and read the contract if you’re interested before you rapidly make accusations against the company and the developers behind it.

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I’m not making any accusations. I’m simply suggesting that users be aware of what they’re getting into so that they don’t start working and quickly burn out when they find they didn’t think it was what it is. I’d suggest the same thing even for a company like Red Manta or for working for Berezaa. When you’re working for a corporation rather than an individual on Roblox where you’re receiving percent or base pay you have to think about the grand scheme of how that corporation may have you work.

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Although I’d prefer not to disclose my earnings, I-- and many others at Toya-- work as part-time subcontractors paid per hour

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Might be better to expand on this and expectations and things to make for the Scripter, to help people interested better understand what they are getting into. Now you don’t have to give the game or concept away, just things around it and what you are expecting.

What is the hourly payment that you are offering upfront for this, is there an upfront payment and etc… Do they get a % of the game’s profits or is it just the work payment. How does the contract work, and are they forced to stay and update the game and keep it active, etc… is there an end clause for when the game is completed. How do you handle IP and their work, and do you take ownership for what they make under the contract…?

There is a lot of missing information, and doing a payment and situation like this and I presume it’s more of a corporation standing.

Alright this answered my corporation question.

Why don’t you just give a rough idea of the legals on this and the IP, and how the contract works with the individual’s work regarding the game/hours/long-term, the completion and etc… as I previously stated. People need to know these things, and asking people to apply is a very bad way of handling things.

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I already stated the expectations to the degree that I can while still obeying my NDA. If you are interested in specifics, you can speak with my boss privately when i refer you and the other candidates to her.

I already answered this as well:

Again, I am under a NDA and this can and will be answered by my boss if and when she reaches out to interested candidates

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