Track the untracked memory on server

As a developer, it is extremely difficult to debug memory issues on the server simply because there is an absurd amount of untracked memory generated by Roblox on even simple baseplates.

Currently, there is a spike of memory on the initial server start up & then a consistent increase thereafter as a game remains open. This causes issues when we think we may have created memory leaks, but happens to be memory by Roblox.

All memory should be tracked to provide insights to what we can do as Developers to solve problems generated by untracked memory. It makes debugging a bit scarier seeing a consistent 80mb+ appear. Roblox should not allow untracked memory unless it was created by the developer.


As said above, it is difficult as it is to track the memory usage of your game. The developer console is the single-most important (and maybe only?) tool we currently have to keep tabs on game’s our memory usage. It is important that we keep this tool usable as intended, because without it, developers are at a severe disadvantage. It might not be a big issue on it’s own, since production servers are running just fine, but it does make it significantly harder for developers to track/notice memory leaks of their own.

Here’s an example of the server’s untracked memory in a fresh baseplate:


Bumping this in case it is not on anyone’s radar yet. IMO this is quite a big issue that should be fixed somewhat urgently. If this is already in the pipeline, please disregard and carry on.