Tracrz ✏️ | Early Prototype 2D Obby Game (Feedback/Testing Wanted!)

So last night I was creating a movement mechanic and then half way through realized it could be turned into a unique movment for an obby!

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DISCLAIMER : This is a prototype so of course stuff may change but, well theres not much too change but you get the idea though, also only 1 stage right now

I finally finished the first level just to get a hang of how the mechanics may work, I’d love some feedback on the feel of the mechanic and also any weird things you may encounter

Game Link : tracrz ✏️ [PROTOTYPE] - Roblox

If you can’t play here is some short gameplay :

Controls : So in this game, default movement is disabled so there is no jumping or walking, you have to use your mouse and drag to draw whatever you want and let go and watch your character follow the dots! (PC & Mobile Support)

My original thread on this : Any thoughts on this obby movement concept?


I tested the game, it was amazing the experience was fun and all of that it was intense due to near death experiences. But when I click a little too fast when am on the moving state it glitches moving me faster putting me back to the last dot. I hope that there would be settings and other cool mechanics in this game in the future.

I wish you the best :smile:


Right off the bat…wow! It’s really impressive, and the obby was a first of its kind (at least for me)

Just a little glitch where if the Player falls into the void, they respawn under the starting point instead of on top, but resetting fixes this issue!

Game has a good potential, can’t wait to see what comes next!


I like to see how far this is coming! You could put some moving platforms for a challenge. Just an idea.


THIS IS LIT!!! :fire:

But you should add a killbrick right underneath the level, so that the player won’t be falling for like 5 seconds.
One more thing: You should use R6 for this game. Some levels may become impossible due to some player’s character having too big of a hitbox due to R15 scaling.


Interesting concept, but how will this game be challenging for players? You can draw to skip stages. What limitations will there be to prevent users from cheating using this system?


Well there is a limit to how far you can draw which is about 15 studs, you cant draw while your free falling so that gets rid of the players flying infinitely, and yeah theres not really much else to it actually, and also players cant just teleport to points because I check how many points have been created and see if its been more than like a certain amount, that combined with no drawing while freefalling makes it impossible to skip stages by just drawing fast and inifinitely unless your an exploiter

Checking if the # of points is below 7

if #points < 7 then
	connection = nil

Not allowing them to draw if they are in a freefall state

#points == 0 and humanoid.Health > 0 and humanoid:GetState() ~= Enum.HumanoidStateType.Freefall 

Maximum draw distance

if (spawnPosition - humrp.Position).Magnitude > 15 and #points == 0 then connection:Disconnect() connection = nil return end

Obstacle idea: The player has to draw a symbol to activate/deactivate something


Hello there, dex (or astralboy I don’t know how to call you lol) Your early prototype 2D obby game with its unique movement mechanics sounds incredibly intriguing! It’s fascinating to see how your initial movement mechanic idea evolved into a whole new concept for an obby game.

The fact that players have to use their mouse to draw and create their character’s path adds a refreshing twist to traditional obby gameplay. It’s a clever way to engage players and challenge their creativity and dexterity. I’m eager to see how this mechanic feels and how it adds a new layer of depth to the overall gameplay experience.

Congratulations on completing the first level! It’s an impressive accomplishment, especially considering it’s just the beginning of your journey. Your dedication to testing and gathering feedback at this early stage is commendable. This will undoubtedly help you fine-tune and improve the mechanics and address any potential issues or quirks that players may encounter.

I encourage the community members tagged in your post to provide their valuable feedback on the feel of the mechanic and any strange occurrences they come across during gameplay. Their insights and observations can be instrumental in refining and enhancing your prototype.

For those who are unable to access the game, your concise description of the controls and gameplay mechanics provides a clear understanding of how the game functions. The fact that it supports both PC and mobile platforms is a great feature that widens the potential audience. Maybe adapt for console platforms?

Overall, I find your obby movement concept innovative and promising. It’s always exciting to see developers explore new ideas and push the boundaries of traditional game genres. I’m confident that with feedback and testing, you’ll continue to iterate and create an even more engaging and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Thank you for sharing your progress and providing us the opportunity to give feedback. I’m eager to follow your development journey and see how your prototype evolves into a captivating 2D obby game! Best of luck, and keep up the fantastic work!


Thank you but this seems AI generated, but I still appreciate the kinds word man thanks so much :sparkling_heart: