Train Door Tweening


Just reaching out for support on a train door tweening system,

Essentially, I have two sides of the door, the two yellow parts. I want them to come out, and then to the side. But I am not sure how I am able to do that with tweening as I am quite new to this.

If anyone has any ideas, please reach out!

have 2 tweens and play them at different times!

How am I able to utilize the animation editor in this case?

Put an animation controller inside the door model, and use motor6ds to rig it.

You can probably use this plugin to rig it:

You should probably also add root part, and set the primary part of the model as it. Then put the motor6ds in the root part, connecting it to the doors. You can also weld the primary part to the train so it moves along with the train.

Ah, I was just about to come to the solution of this. Cheers bud!

Do I also have to add in an “Animation” along with its Controller?

You just need to add a controller inside the model, and then rig it with the plugin.

Cheers brother. : )

Apologies for all the questions, I’m still getting used to this!!!

You can rig the doors and animate them, then create an invisible part which if you touch it, triggers the animation to play. If the character still can’t go through, make the doors cancollide false for until the animation ends.

This plugin is a little confusing, do you have any tutorials on how to use it - because I never learn reading text, I mostly only learn by watching other people…

Are you referring to the animation editor? If so I would suggest using moon instead.

No, I’m referring to the plugin itself.

What is moon?

Moon animator is a great animation plugin.

I see that you’re talking about RigEdit, well it basically is used to rig easily. I suggest you watch this video to fully understand the plugin.

I rigged everything now, what do I do next?

Now just animate it and write a simple script that triggers the animation.

Wouldn’t it be better to just modify the CFrame for the doors. You don’t even need motor6ds because the doors only move on one line in space.