Trains lagging {URGENT}

My train uses body Velocity to move but is currently slowing down. The train is all welded using a script and the bodyVelocity maxforce is math.huge. I belief this is server lag cause when I have 3 trains they move at 40 Studs per second (SPS) but with 6 trains, they move at 20SPS. I already tried to union everything in the train but its not working.

I think its server lag. Make a remote event that, when you want to start moving the train, fire to all clients to have it be moved on the client. So instead of the trains position being affected on the server which will result in jittery movement (which is whats going on with you), it will be done on the client side so its always up to date for the player

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Will do this solution soon. I hope this works

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How complex is your train model?

Alot of parts. But most of them are union-ed

I would suggest that you create a train in blender instead. Unioned parts are not that optimal performance wise. Also with blender objects, you have exact control over, how many faces, triangles ect. the model should have.

Problem there is I have no idea how to use blender. I had 2 learning attempts this year and I struggled to even make a donut, let alone a train

You learn by doing. This could solve your issue

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Is there any other way to this ?

No. 30charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr