Transaction Page needs Search & Filter

In the current state, the Transaction page is not useful to me and many other developers.

It needs the ability to filter by asset type, price range, and date.
It needs the ability to search by asset name and player name.

Because there is no filtering or searching, my page is full of meaningless 0 R$ transactions from people taking my free models.
I would love to filter to only show Plugin asset sales, but instead I’m stuck pressing “More Records” hundreds of times and then Ctrl+F the plugin names and adding everything up by hand. Edit: the new pagination makes this impossible, there is no more workaround.

Additionally, the ability to export the results of a filter/search to CSV or similar format would be very useful in developers managing and storing their data.

This transaction page is important to developers, as it is literally our financial history. However, I don’t think it’s gotten major updates since the pre-DevEx days. Feature requests for this have sat in wait for half a decade. It’s very disheartening to see such a crucial page get ignored.


The largest and perhaps only reason for me to interact with the Transactions page, is to search for a specific transaction a player reported an issue with. Not being able to write a simple search query, filter transactions per item/asset, or simply requesting all transactions between myself and a specific player, is extremely disruptive to my ability to provide support to players.

The only way I have been able to achieve this much-needed functionality thus far is by scraping the transactions page, which isn’t a suitable way to handle financial data. I wrote down my thoughts on this in another feature request: Data Export for the Transaction Page - #2 by Wsly


We need this. The new transactions page (announced here) makes us click through pages with only 10 transactions per page, making it extremely tedious to find sales. Whereas before I could Ctrl + F once after scrolling for a very long time, I now have to do that every single page. If you’re someone who has sold lots of items, it will be a pain without neither a search & filter or a way to download a spreadsheet of the data.

Have I mentioned how un-user friendly this update is for developers? Finding a specific transaction/specific transactions has become not better with the update, but even worse somehow. Not to say that the update isn’t great, but even the workaround has somehow became more and more tedious.



Just wanted to drop this recent announcement in this thread, which hopefully can start to solve a bunch of the pain points you’re outlining here. Please keep the feedback coming!

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It’s a good start, but it would be better for newer developers (and for quick checks where you don’t want to be spending 20 minutes) to not need a whole export process and third party tooling in order to see some basic info.

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