Download your Sales Data!

Hey Creators,

We are introducing a new way for you to view your sales data… It’s by downloading it! This puts the power in your hands to do whatever analytics you need to run your business on Roblox.


  • Download data for yourself or your group.
  • Receive a .csv file containing a calendar month of data from up to 2 years ago.
  • Requires verified email (this is how you will receive your data).
  • For security purposes, you will be required to have the authenticator app enabled.

How to download your sales data

From your personal Transactions page or a group’s Configure Group page, you can navigate to Sale of Goods where you will now see a download button:

We will check that you have an authenticator app enabled and a verified email once you click this button. If either of these are not active for your account, you will not be able to download the data. This is to ensure that you or your team are the ones requesting this sensitive info.

You will be then prompted to select a calendar month from up to 2 years ago to download all your sales data from that time. If you select the current month, you’ll get a partial month’s worth of data.

In your inbox for your verified email address, you will receive an email with a link to download a .zip file that contains your data in .csv format. The email should look like this:

What is in the Data Sheet?

The data sheet you download will contain a list of all your sales from the selected calendar month. Each sale will include the following information:

  • Buyer User Id - User ID of the user who made the purchase

  • Sale Date and Time - Date & time the user made the purchase in UTC

  • Sale Location - Where the user bought the item (e.g., WebSite or Game)

  • Sale Location Id - Place ID for where the sale took place, if applicable

  • Universe Id - Universe ID for where the sold product is from, if applicable

  • Universe - Universe name for where the sold product is from, if applicable

  • Asset Id - Asset ID of the item that was purchased

  • Asset Name - Name of the item that was purchased

  • Asset Type - Type of the item that was purchased (e.g., Game Pass, Private Server, TShirt)

  • Hold Status - Whether the Robix from this sale have been released to you or are still in a hold

  • Revenue - Amount of Robux you received for the purchase post-fees (fees include Marketplace Fee, Affiliate Fees, and Recurring Group Payouts)

  • Price - Amount of Robux the buyer paid for the purchase

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We can’t wait to see what you all do with this data!

Thank you,
The Roblox Team


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Are we ever going to have similar reports broken down by game for premium payouts? At the moment it’s time consuming to work this out for each individual game in a group.


How long does it take to get the email? I requested yesterday and still have not received it.

Always wished we had this feature… this way I can finally track my millions of sales rvery moth…


Really like this and allows you to get data easily off your account.

It is annoying you can only select one month because I could see someone wanting to be able to for example have a year worth all in one place or somthing.


I did it today and it came within 5 minutes

I do love this new way for data, but can we have an export all data or yearly data too?


Cool change. Could we get custom date ranges instead of just a few preset choices?

Never though we would ever see such update, glad it did happen. No more forever loading pages to get the information!

Sounds about right.


This is going to help a lot! Thanks!
No but seriously this is a really good update in my opinion!


Can we have this in the creator dashboard? It doesn’t make sense for this to be in the transactions page when it’s really only used by us developers.

Anyways, cool update, we can now make use of Google Spreadsheets.

This will be very helpful for making automatic custom payout systems for groups with multiple games!

(For example, a group with multiple games where certain people have percentages of each game.)

Great update! Will be very useful for several things. While I don’t currently have a use, others will and hopefully I will at some point as well!

Agree with this though ^

You do know that there’s other forms of revenue than just roblox games? Why would clothing designers, premium users, ugc creators, people who buy and sell items in general have to go to the dashboard specifically? We can already see revenue of our games in the dashboard, why would we need this aswell?


I agree with realOmlet, the transactions pages are where this should go. Having it on the creator dashboard would be weird from a UX standpoint because the the sales are related either to a user or group, not to an individual game or item.

Under the creator dashboard tab, or a monetization section entirely.

I am talking about all-time sales of all items by the way.

It’s just an addition, and clothing designers/ugc creators are also developers as well; they create user generated content as we do.

This is a good idea, though I think adding an entire section for just one feature might be a little excessive. Adding it to the transactions pages is just adding a button next to the current interface, compared to adding a brand new section to the dashboard.

The feature is for groups and users though. Would it have all time sales for just the user?

I do think having transitions on the dashboard would be good, I just think this feature isn’t specifically related to that and what you want is a more general change.