Translate() Localization Not Working!

Heya! I was playing around with localization service and am trying to create translations using scripts.

(Utilizing Localization APIs)

However when I am doing this it is not actually adding them to the portal, the script is on the client side.

local LocalizationService = game:GetService("LocalizationService")

local translator = LocalizationService:GetTranslatorForPlayerAsync(game.Players.LocalPlayer)

function game.ReplicatedStorage.Events.TranslateText.OnInvoke(text)
	local trans = translator:Translate(game, text)
	if trans ~= nil then
		return text
		return trans

Make sure to test it on game, because on studio I don’t think it works.

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Can you confirm this???

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Nope, but, as FilterStringAsync doesnt works in studio, I suppose maybe this doesnt works in studio tho.

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Tried it outside of studio and it does not work.

I have also tried putting the code on the server, does not work.

Was just about to make the same post. Same thing happening for me, idk why.

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I know this is almost a year later, but I’m running into the same issue.

  1. Translate() is called with a string not present in the localization table
  2. The string is not added to the localization table

Has anyone figured out if there’s further steps needed that weren’t covered in Utilizing Localization APIs ? Is there a long time lag between such a request happening and it being reflected in the Localization Portal?


bumping this again because im having the same issue with seemingly no reason as to why…