Transmuter: A plugin for transforming any instance into any other

As the title says, it’s a plugin that will transform all instances selected into another. Any properties with equal name are preserved.

Particularly useful in:

  • UI designing, for changing a frame into a textframe and viceversa or whatever.
  • Making remotes into bindables or events into functions, and viceversa
  • Folders into models into configurations
  • BaseValues like numbervalue and boolvalue, etc. etc.

Using the plugin:
No buttons are added onto the toolbar! Instead, you need to make a shortcut for the action “Open Transmute Menu” in FILE > Advanced Options > Customize Shortcuts. I personally like Ctrl + '.

Upon doing the keybind, the transmute menu should open, showing you all possible stuff to transmute the selection into. To close just click outside of it.



Reclass - free, intelligent class conversion?


oh… i didnt know that :neutral_face:
i guess its all going into the trashbin now

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Don’t be discouraged man. You made a plug-in that works and you gained experience from it.


Jumping onto what my buddy @Crazedbrick1 said, don’t sweat it man. You contributed to the community and did something that a lot of us couldn’t do. And not only that, but we can see your heart in it; we can tell that you care about the community and your fellow developers. Thanks. :smiley:

Also, just because someone else shares the same idea as you, doesn’t mean that you can’t do a better job. There’s always room for improvement, and you might just be the one to make those improvements. Don’t ever forget that. :slight_smile:


Okay, first of…

Amazing one. Personally, I use external editors to create my game, but whenever I’m just using studio, I’m a pretty looking rubbish :put_litter_in_its_place: :blush:

But, honestly though. I see so many developers not knowing about famous plugins that do exactly what they are working on, and when they realize, they just become discouraged and all sad-minded.

Like why?

You just happened to not know about it, and so you wanted to help people. That want to help people itself is just better than anything. Don’t be discouraged. You can still continue to make your plugin better!

Now, what do I think about the plugin… On simplicity, 10/10. Literally keybinds? Man this is epic. And on looks, I mean it’s alright for simplicity. 9/10. There’s more you could add to it though and everybody believes in you! Good luck!

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