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Reclass is a simple, clean and intelligent class converter plugin, designed to get out of the way and get better over time.


Reclass features a smart recommender system that learns from your class conversion history and surfaces your most common conversions as suggestions, saving you time. Your top suggestion is highlighted in yellow and can be converted to in one click, using the Automatic button.


Reclass is API based, meaning you always get instant access to the latest classes as soon as they’re released, no reinstalling or updating required.


Of course, Reclass is free - always has been, and always will be. Reclass is made for the community, so everyone, no matter how new or experienced, can access a high-quality class conversion utility.

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If you’d like to learn more, watch Getting Started with Reclass:

Feel free to try out Reclass for yourself here, and feel free to reply here with any feedback, suggestions or bugs you have :slightly_smiling_face:


I always have a reclass plugin in my plugin bar, and would 101% recommend if someone doesn’t have one, I find it particularly useful if you have an image which you wish to convert to a button for a new feature then you can do that with… well… a click of a button lol.

One thing ive always wanted tho is the ability to set the automatic since sometimes the algorithm can be a little random (even if it made me discover the ‘flag’ instance was a thing after converting a model).


This is an awesome plugin! I’d be happy to purchase a paid version to support you too!


Same here - I find a class conversion plugin indispensable, especially when working with UI or parts :stuck_out_tongue:

Also yeah when you start out, the algorithm will probably not do a perfect job of finding the most relevant stuff, since it’s resorting to analysing the relationship between superclasses and subclasses (though it does weed out 99% of the irrelevant stuff). As you start doing certain conversions more and more, they’ll be reinforced and move up the list due to the learning algorithm, so over time it’ll adjust by itself.

A way to manually flag a conversion as more or less desirable would definitely be an interesting idea to enact tho, will think about what the best way of doing that would be :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this in response to Quenty’s Class Converter having a price tag added to it with the new plugin marketplace?

Also, this plugin looks good. I think I’ll try it sometime.

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Yes and no - Reclass has actually existed for ages. Funnily enough, the first version came about due to my personal growing pains with Quenty’s implementation. This was a total revamp mainly meant to address longstanding issues with Reclass, but the ridiculous pricing situation certainly provided an incentive to get it done :slightly_smiling_face:


This looks really nice; going to play around with it and see what I can do.

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Going to add this to my plugin bar!

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Yeah. I had to try it.

It’s a lot easier on my mind because it takes less effort to get something changed to something else, and it’s less buggy when converting objects.

By less buggy, I mean it won’t do things like change the BackgroundColor3 property to a different color when converting.


The sound effect is a little annoying to be honest. Any chance you can make an option to disable it?

Other than that, this is legitimately better than Quenty’s plugin. Some subtle things I appreciate is that it matches your studio theme, and that the window stays docked where you left it (Quenty’s plugin wouldn’t save its state of being docked, which made it slightly more inconvenient to use). Also, it has the most recent API, where as Quenty was using Anaminus’ deprecated service.


I’ll definitely add the option to mute the sound effect, got a couple people asking for that already :stuck_out_tongue:

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I made a… very similar looking plugin in 2017. But I haven’t been maintaining it since last year. I will say that Reclass is a lot more polished.


I actually started using this forever ago because I was annoyed with Quenty’s. Way better.


I just found an issue where the window doesn’t stay docked if you close studio and re-open it; if you close and open different places in the same studio window, it appears to be fine. But closing studio completely and re-opening it undocks the widget.

I’m not sure what causes this, but it doesn’t happen to me for other plugins, and it happens consistently with Quenty’s plugin.


Thank you for this useful tool! I’ll be sure to use this in the future because I’m pretty annoyed when making UIs and you’d have to manually change classes just because if you want to switch a textlabel into a textbox and such.


Thank you so much! This was an instant download for me. The amount of times I have accidentally used a frame instead of a scrolling frame or an image label instead of an image button and having to manually convert all the properties is countless. This plugin saves me so much time recovering from those small mistakes. :smile:


That’s odd - by default, the Reclass widget is disabled and doesn’t override it’s previous state, so no idea what could be causing that. Possibly file a bug report?

One bug ive always found annoying is upon converting text labels to text buttons it set text transparency to 1

This doesn’t happen to me, can you provide reproduction steps? :slightly_smiling_face:

Tyfor’s Bug recipe:

first one gets a text label
then one clicks convert (this happened on auto convert - haven’t tested both)
finally one gets transparent text

thats all I really know, sorry its not really helpful