Transpiler Devlog #1

Hello! I’m starting a new project which I hope will succeed. I’ll try not to give up on it like my other projects. Anyways, what this is, is a “programming language” written in Luau. It’s an extremely oversimplified version of Luau, like scratch-level programming. It transpiles to Luau, where you can then execute it. Some features I have planned include a notepad for things like todos and ideas, choose whether you want to export it to a server or local script, and a new name. Anyways, on with the devlog.

Right now, I only have a basic gui, which isn’t final, but it will work for now. The GUI does scale for different devices.


I’ve gotten the plugin working, along with the more basic features like clearing and executing selected.

I’m using vLua instead of loadstring to execute scripts.

In the next devlog, I’ll actually start to write the transpiler. Nothing is finalized yet, including the name and GUI. Please leave suggestions, feedback, or any form of criticism. Also, feel free to suggest name ideas. I always implement community suggestions in my projects. Anyways, that’s it for now. Have a good day.

Next devlog: coming soon


This looks cool!
I see the potential in the project.
Looking forward for more!

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Thank you for the kind words. They always mean a lot.


this is cool.
excited to see what this will become

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Quick update: I’ve had some pushbacks, but I’ve overcome them. Expect a new devlog soon.

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This is awesome! Is it a new type of programming language you’re writing based around Lua?

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Exactly like that, except it transpiles to Luau.

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i remember i did this ij studio 2017 offline, all it had is a table of gsubs lmao.

The next devlog is up! Feel free to read it here.