KeeAdmin - An Admin System to Fit All of Your Needs

Thank you for reminding of this. I forgot to implement lower ranks not being able to use certain commands on higher ranks during the development process. I will have a fix for it soon, and I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

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No offense intended however kind of seems like an aliexpress adonis, especially with the video you posted. It resembles so much of adonis.

Interesting. I don’t use Adonis, so I’m not aware of that. Thank you for your feedback.

Not a total fan of the having to use the chat to use the commands, personally i’m more of a doing everything inside the GUI itself.

It has some pretty nice commands, and i like that its being updated pretty frequently which is a big +

Just some of my own opinions, dont take anything as a terrible thing you know.
I like it, and if i make a game myself in the furture might even take inspiration or even use it if i come to like it more:)

Best of luck with further development:)

Thank you for the feedback. I plan to completely remake this admin system in the future, and one thing I really want to do is have a GUI command bar. Again, I appreciate your feedback.

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Update 1.9.2

Fixed where you could kick/ban higher ranks. Thanks to @Hauber_RBLX for letting me know about this. Let me know if you find any other bugs.

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I won’t update KeeAdmin for a while, while I work on this.

Hello, I’d like to do a ui overhaul for free for you, please add me on discord.

-* Edit never mind I see you wont be working on this, lol!

Those screenshots were outdated. I’ve added the new ones.

Is there a way to find and detect people who are admins? like an API?

No, but that’s a good idea. I’ll save it for when I make the next version of KeeAdmin.


Thanks for your answer, I asked since I’m attempting to make one of my systems compatible with Admins in most admin systems.

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add a insert command so people can insert stuff the owner owns

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I’ll keep that into consideration for V2. Thanks!

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Hello, everyone.

KeeAdmin has been a learning experience, as well as a way for easy administration for game owners. I feel like this has accomplished everything I’ve thought of, and more. With that said: KeeAdmin V2. Yes, it’s going to come out. Expect it to release this week. It has several new features, more commands, more unique commands, better data saving, more safety, etc. There’s one unfortunate downside, though.

KeeAdmin V2 will be slower than V1, but it won’t be noticeable. Why is that? With more features, Roblox takes slightly longer to load everything. V2 will still be faster than most admin systems, but slower than V1. In the future, we might make a basic version of KeeAdmin, which has less features but faster speed. Right now, me and @co_existance are polishing the new and improved admin system for release. We’re excited to release it and hope you will find it useful. Expect V2 to be buggy for the first 1-2 days, but we will work hard to make sure they get fixed. Thank you for using V1, and we hope to see you at V2.

We’re looking for testers for V2. DM me if you’re interested.

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Hello everyone, V2 is now out. Please stop using KeeAdmin V1 and use the new and improved admin system.

Can you add a additional level “Head Admin”, and “Head Mod”, “Developer” too maybe. And can you make it so that there’s a template to able to add new commands (ofc we have to code it on our own), but the script will handle the other stuff, all we have to do is code what happens when the command is called, tell the script whether we need a player parameters/any other parameters etc.

I’m no longer developing this admin system, as I have moved onto KeeAdmin V2. I’ll consider adding a “Developer” level. There already is a template to create your own commands, located in the Packages module.