Triangle Terrain Tips

Is your triangle terrain looking undesirable?

Do you want smoother and realistic low poly terrain?

If you’re interested in using a plugin such as the Triangle Terrain plugin you may want to first of all play around with it. Get used to your plugin and how it’s used then begin by making some test terrain scenes.

Once you’ve got to know your plugin a bit more I would suggest using the method which has recently helped me a tonne, first get ROBLOX’s terrain and just plaster down a design for your terrain, doesn’t have to be too neat just the rough outlines of what you’re looking for. Once you’ve done this you should get your Triangle Terrain plugin and go over your terrain that you placed. This will not only give your terrain shape but a low-poly smooth feel to it. You can always make edits to parts which may look off or incorrect. I also suggest deleting some layers of terrain as you go to make it even more randomised. Once you’re finished placing go to Terrain > Generate > Clear to remove all the terrain that was originally placed.

Once you’ve got this under control keep practising and you will be making much better Triangle Terrain.


If it doesn’t go right the first time this doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Just keep trying and you will definitely improve you can do it. I’m sure of it.


I like how the seed is the first nine decimal places of the golden ratio.


You linked the wrong plug-in!

Nice tutorial, I’ve been wanting to do some triangle terrain myself but I always end up quitting because it looks horrible. With this atleast I can make it look a bit better.

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LOL. I did link the wrong one haha. That’s what happens when you’re writing a post at 5am.


ur tellin’ me that i can just make something entirely out of smooth terrain and then mask/trace it with draw triangle?!

wow headless ur a genius why didnt i think of that before

idk if im gonna use it but ill keep that in mind if i ever need to use triangle terrain



Why not just use Smooth Terrain to begin with? It shouldn’t cause performance issues now that there’s LOD.

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well if someone wanted a more low poly terrain type or they wanted a specific color/material then they would have to go for triangle terrain, since smooth terrain materials are kinda limited


@zeuxcg terrain color painting when? :( Effectively infinite materials/colors with that. Use different shades of grass, or create different materials altogether e.g. black salt for volcanic ash.


I’d rather have custom terrain textures first. :weary::ok_hand:


Materials are currently stored as enums, which aren’t dynamic. Would require a significant overhaul, and we probably wouldn’t see it within the next few years, as there are easier terrain features to tackle. The ability to color terrain though is just some extra data that needs to be stored in voxels (Arseny even already has a prototype for it) while also offering equivalent capabilities (if there’s not a material you need, you can probably re-color an existing one that is appropriate enough)


The only problem I have with that type of triangle terrain plugin is you can see those small creases and it isn’t

I use Poly Studio which makes the triangles default 0 on their local z. So the triangle always have those smooth edges!


I’ll check it out. Sounds good.

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Great post, I’ve used this technique a few times in the past