Trying out triangle terrain/ gapfill to make a map, need opinions

Currently using these triangle plugins:

Using this for general terrain, but encountered problems with it sometimes, reason for the use of the following plugin for those occasions:

Triangle terrain was done with tracing over smooth terrain, a technique I got from this post:
Triangle Terrain Tips, and gapfill was used for the cliffs.

This is just a general idea of what it will possibly be; the buildings are just rough models I made to be replaced in the future; the current trees are just an old model of mine, will changed in the future as well. If you have any suggestions for what style to go for w/ the buildings/ trees I’m all ears!

Mostly looking for critique on the terrain itself though and if it’s a good first attempt as well as if there are better methods of doing this. I wanted to avoid mesh terrain since I was worried about collisions, correct me if I’m misinformed about that.

Only thing I dislike are the rather rigid paths.

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Right now, I honestly think the triangle terrain you’ve used looks a bit too excessive. Not in the sense that it’s been done too much, but rather that you have a consistently flat baseplate with sporadic jumps in terrain (for example, that huge hill in the centre.) Triangle terrain looks much better when it’s consistent, when it flows, and when it’s realistic. For example, here.

I think the triangle terrain would be more accentuated if more thought was put into the rest of the terrain. There is a very simple, flat cliff face for your cliffs, and this really contrasts with the triangle hill. Why not have triangle slopes going up to the cliffs? Some different shades of grass and rocks would also make it much more realistic.

And I agree, the paths look really rigid and plain.

Overall, I just recommend adding more triangles, detail, lowering the excess of the hills, and making it a more rounded place. Otherwise, it looks good. :smiley:


I agree with Somnar, as the hills currently are very steep. Looking at the screenshot he linked, maybe adding changes to material as well, i.e Adding Rock Formations, would be a nice touch as well.