Trouble with regional gui

hey can you fix the stuff please why did you leave?

hey, the guy who came in and tried to help basically just left me with a script that prints if the player is in the zone or not. i am now using zoneplus i think so if you feel like helping me and joining team create and adding me that would be great.

Please elaborate further if you can.

So basically, the user a19_9 went in team create and offered to help me but only finished the sound zone and left me with an uncompleted script that only prints in the output if the player is inside or outside of the zone. I would like you to make it so on the TextLabel it says “Area” while the text is fading in and then fading back out if the player stays in the zone, but if they leave the zone while it is fading in or out, the text will disappear just like the original one was meant to do but it was never achieved. If I could friend you and add you into team create to help me that would be great because it would be hard to do it through here since you don’t know where everything is located in my game. Thank you!

Also I just added you as a friend on roblox.