Trustmeimrussian - The most trustable builder for hire


He doesn’t do commissions anymore.

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Ruski isn’t for hire anymore. You’re like 2 months (I think) too late.


I must say your build quality is amazing especially the courthouse!


Read the last sentence of my post, I’m aware. For hire or not, the Discord doesn’t work and should either be crossed out or updated if it’s old. This is a portfolio post.


It’s not a portfolio post. It was a post for commissions. He doesn’t need to update it anymore as he’s not taking any commissions.

Would be good to delete this @TrustMeImRussian


Very good work there!

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When it comes to building, Ruski is your man. His builds are stunning, worth ethic top-notch, and commissions always completed days before the given date. On top of that he’s a very friendly person and a lot more reliable than his name would suggest! :wink:


Your work is amazing man, keep it up!


This guy is a joy, love his work. I’ve only worked on a build of his once, but even to this day it blows my mind.

(this was the build)

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I have messaged you on twitter


Tbh you are one of the best builders I have ever meet, Sometimes I got inspired with your buildings :thinking:

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He doesn’t do commissions anymore.

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Amazing! This is one guy I would hire. Any other payment options? :eyes:

I would definitely pay all my group funds for a year just to make the Bloxy THEATRE, just that. Maybe with an additional approximately $75 in Robux. This guy has notable talent.


He haven’t been for hire for a while now


WOAH… Make sure to tell chief this, that this guy has impressive work…


To answer your recent questions, no I am currently not available for commission work. I’m pretty booked up for the summer but may consider certain offers if they intrigue me enough, so feel free to shoot me a DM. Just don’t be offended if I decline :laughing:

Also, updated the post to fix some of the wording & update my photos/work posted.