Trustmeimrussian - The most trustable builder for hire


Heyo. I’m Trustmeimrussian a member of the RBXdev Community and EBR, most just call me Ruski for short. I’m a builder & 3D Modeler who’s helped create maps for dozens of well founded games on this platform. I’ve been doing it for several years now and hope to be able to do it full time in the future. I’ve created most of my works with Roblox Studio, Maya, and blender.

Now that you know about me, here’s a bit of my work.


A few maps I’ve done

Cartoony fighting maps for Rouge


Metro Showcase

Two simple hotels

Murkli's Maid Cafe

Merely's Lazer Dodgeball

Trade Hangout V3

A few other misc items and maps

These are just a few of the many maps I’ve produced, to see more of my builds and assets you can check them out on my profile or twitter, which will be linked bellow!


At the moment my public commissions are closed, at least until I am caught up with a few projects I’m working on. I will announce on my twitter and change this status when they do open up.


I work for either USD or Robux, as long as it’s DevExable, usually I’ll give an estimate by calculating roughly how long the project will take and it’s level of difficulty. I do try to be fair so my prices are usually negotiable. I also refuse payment until my work is 110% to your satisfaction.


Best way to reach me is via discord, or through here.

Discord: Trustmeimrussian#6148



Thanks for reading! I’ll update this page as I create and continue to expand my horizon. For more information, photos, or references… please feel free to leave a comment or DM!


Very nice builds; good consistency and detail.


Ruski is one of the most dependable builders I know. His builds area anything but simple! They’re magic!


Very high level builder. If you attend some of his live streams where he works on projects you can see he:

  • Takes his time, he doesn’t rush over anything.

  • Pays great attention to detail and uses techniques to build efficiently.

  • Keeps his work organized.

The work he produces shows that he knows what he’s doing regardless of the theme.


In my opinion, Ruski is arguably one of the best builders on the site. He’s also extremely nice. If you can afford it, I definitely recommend hiring him. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you didn’t quit man because your work is amazing


Really nice work, keep it up :smiley:


+1 support
love him


(Updating a few of the photos, and adding a few more photos from recently released projects!)