Trying to access catalog items through a proxy

I’ve been trying to do this for a while, which is simply print a list of catalog IDs with their respective subcategory.
I’ve made my own proxy, and I’ve been trying to get it working, however I come across the same issue various times which is that it errors saying
HttpService is not allowed to access ROBLOX resources

Here’s the script, I’ve made my own proxy using heroku.

local Http = game:GetService("HttpService")

local url = "https://search.[PROXY]"

local pages = 25
local assets = {}

for i = 1, pages do
	local urlPage = url .. i
	local request = Http:JSONEncode(Http:GetAsync({
		Url = urlPage,
		Method = "GET",
		Headers = {
			["X-API-KEY"] = "123"
	data = Http:JSONDecode(request)
	for ii = 1, #data do
		local asset = data[ii]
		local id = asset.AssetId
		local name = asset.Name
		print(id, name)
		assets[#assets + 1] = "{Id = " .. ", Name = \"" .. name .. "\"}"

I have added [PROXY] to not display my own.
The script is trying to get a list of 3D T-Shirts.

Do you have Allow HTTP Requests allowed in Roblox Studio? If no go allow that that could fix your problem. Game Settings → HTTP → Allow HTTP Requests

Yes I do, however it still has the same error

The error is because HTTPService is not allowed to access ROBLOX resources. You will need to make a POST request using ROBLOX’s api, which requires your api key in the header.

I already made a catalog system so i am talking from experience

Use roproxy instead:
Click here

How should I do that? Please help

I am using roproxy lite…
I’m still having this issue :frowning:

update: I got it working, however I don’t know which link to use since the one on the post is no longer supported.