Trying to Create a Very Complex Rig, Parts within it begin unloading and loading again, which lowers performance

  • What are you attempting to achieve?
    I must either stop the model from unloading and loading again or find a way for it to not affect the gameplay of the game.

  • What is the issue?
    Before I hit this “limit” there is no problem and everything works as intended. After I surpass a certain amount of parts, the rig begins to unload every single part, and load it again much like when you first add an humanoid to a model. It Unloads and loads again every time I change colors, materials, get close to it (in-game) or simply remove an unrelated part that is only within the group (model).
    Ignore commentary in the video, but here is how it happens on an older version of the rig, I already tried optimizing it but it still happens.

  • What solutions have you tried so far?
    I apologize if SOMEHOW this issue has already been addressed and I did not realize it, I have looked through the forum but found nothing about my problem. My main language is not english, if that helps.

I have already tried reducing the amount of parts within the group to the maximum I could, but to no avail. The issue still exists.

(This is my first ever forum post here, and I apologize for any mistakes I may make regarding the forum post itself)

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triangulate your model, decimate the amout of vertices, clean up the mesh.

Either lower the amount of tris in your mesh, or go to studio settings and in rendering, disable ReloadMeshes or something like that. (I cannot check if that is there, I’m on a tablet.) I apologize if there isn’t.

Thank you for your imput, I have begun reducing the amount of tris within my meshes from zero.
Decimating does not work as it randomly eliminates tris that deforms the mesh so I will do so manually.
FInally, ReloadMeshes is an option I did not know existed, I shall ckeck.

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