Trying to export large map as a 3D model, but most of the map is missing

I’m trying to export a large map, including the terrain, as a 3D model (.obj).
When I try to do this, the resulting .obj file is 2.1GB. It understandably takes ages to load in Blender, but when it does, most of the map is still missing.

The terrain appears to have many “tiles” missing. Huge swathes of it just aren’t in the obj file. As for the parts in the build, loads are missing, entire sides and contents of buildings just aren’t included.

Is there a maximum number of triangles when exporting? I know there is for importing, but I want to know how I can export a map successfully. I don’t think this is a triangle count issue though, because on the exported obj file with the missing stuff, blender is showing the triangle count as 7.5 million.

Even when I try to export just the terrain on its own, without the parts, there are still massive bits missing. The triangle count is lower, however the obj file is still 2GB!

Any input would be appreciated. This is an example of what it looks like in Blender with the huge bits missing.


have you tried selecting every individual part in the explorer and exporting that?

The mesh importer has a max triangle import limit of ~20,000 triangles. You should be dividing your map into several meshes, because otherwise players would have to load in the whole 2GB-large map just to play the game!

no, im pretty sure op is trying to export their map from roblox into blender. the mesh importer has nothing to do with this, it’s the export that’s the problem

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Oh, my bad. In that case I’m unsure.

The thing is, I need the whole game, including terrain.

So far, I’ve tried:

  1. Exporting the entire workspace
  2. Exporting just the terrain
  3. Exporting just the parts/models

The idea with 2 and 3 being that I would then combine them later.

Even when I export just the parts, there are still chunks missing. Buildings missing ceilings and walls. Entire sections of roads and furniture gone, at random.

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As @HK21C elaborated, I am trying to export the whole map as a .OBJ file from ROBLOX into Blender, not the other way around. I am aware of the triangle limit on imports.

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do any of those parts have transparency on them?? ive had this issue in the past where transparent items don’t render in blender. certain meshes too.

there could also be something wrong with your unions if you’ve used those. try re-unioning some of the parts that were missing and exporting them on their own to see if that works.

have you tried deleting unnecessary things in the explorer too before exporting?? e.g. attachments, particle emitters, stuff that blender cant recognise?

Transparency is something I can look at, but there’s loads of solid parts that aren’t being exported, that aren’t unions either.

What’s most perplexing here is that when I try to export just the terrain by right clicking and exporting it as .obj, huge expanses of the terrain are still missing in Blender.

Something I’m noticing is that all the obj files I am exporting are around 2.1GB. I have yet to see them go above this size, and it’s the same even if I export just the parts or just the terrain.

When I export just the parts, more parts show in blender. When I export just the terrain, more terrain shows than when I exported the whole map including the parts.

Could this be a file size limit issue? Is there some kind of limit that prevents exporting to OBJ above 2.1GB? This seems puzzling to me. The overall map size in studio is about 8000x10000, most of which is just terrain.

i assume that the file size is probably the issue, but due to the lack of documentation on exporting im not sure. it’s definitely a possibility though. you’re better off exporting the map in small parts then, since the roblox engine isnt capable of exporting stuff that big

That’s a lot of data for something to not go wrong easily it might be your best bet to separate the map in pieces and batch export

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This is a fair assumption to make although it’s troubling that there is so little documentation on this topic. I understand your suggestion to export the workspace in separate chunks, however how would I do this with the terrain? If the terrain is indeed too big to export by itself even without the parts then this is a problem - I am confused why nobody has documented this problem before which is why I wonder if I’m messing something up.

i actually didnt know it was possible to export terrain lol. i might not be the brains when it comes to this stuff but what i’d do in ur situation is save a separate copy of the game file and delete parts of terrain, export it, ctrl+z, delete another part and repeat.

i know this sounds super tedious and probably inefficient but i really cant think of any other way around your issue rn, i just woke up

you could also save the terrain multiple times to catch less parts disappearing since the tiles that go missing change every time you save (?), but this would hit your computer’s performance heavily considering the fact that each file is over 7mil tris and importing each one into blender at the same time is super impractical

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Edit: Oof : What if you used a terrain plugin to serialize pieces of it and export like that? Having it cut down and exported in smaller pieces that way

I think something happened with the exporter because before i could export a extremely giant city without any problems and now when i try to export it 90% of the city is missing.

Can you recommend any such plugin that would allow me to do this? The ones I have seen don’t export into a non-roblox format. If you have a plugin you know of that’d do that, would be great.

This is exactly the issue and I was so confused as to why there are no other documented results for this problem.

I’ll dig around and see if I can find it maybe you could check my inventory for me since I’m at work right now LOL but the plugin in question saves and loads terrain in Studio, should let you separate out the tedious work of exporting

Ah I see, so you’re referring to a plugin that would allow me to save and reload within studio, but the plugin wouldn’t actually have the functionality of straight up exporting chunks of the terrain to .obj?

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No, but i did find it! Terrain Save and Load - Roblox

I’m not sure if the API has a script feature for exporting but if it does maybe you could incorporate it