Trying to save game, but makes new file

I don’t have access to Bug Support. So, I can’t post it there.

A few days ago I had trouble with studio just like this person here:

I fixed my studio and I still have my game. But today, I added more UI and I wanted to save. I pressed File in the top-right corner and clicked Close Place. It showed this:

This is me putting in a part that I want to save:

This is the regular thing I see everyday when saving:

This is the problem I ran into:

Usually I click Save, Discard, or Cancel. But I get granted with a new piece of UI asking me if I want to make A NEW file. I clicked Yes and it saved the way I wanted it to. I checked my studio and I saw this:


I could make my OG game Private and Publish my copy, but that would reset all the visits, likes, favorites, and basically everything.

My game:

(If you can’t join my game, blame roblox lol. It’s broken.)

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That’s just a local file stored on your computer, not what’s actually loaded on Roblox’s servers.

Make sure you’re selecting “Publish to Roblox” from the dropdown menu when you hit File.

I would do that, but I want my game to be FULLY complete before I update it.

Then make sure you’re editing the local file and that you’re locally saving those changes to that file, not making an entirely new file each time you finish an update.

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If I press No on my OG file, it won’t save at all. If I press No on my local file, obviously it doesn’t save. On my local file, it only shows Yes, No, and Cancel. On my OG file, it shows Save, Discard, and Cancel, then it asks if I want to save all that work to my local file.

So, I can’t do that.

Honestly I’m having a hard time understanding the issue

If ur working in the local file, just select I think it’s called “Save to File”

I’m working in my OG game. My OG file.

“Save to Roblox” exists, just use this if you don’t want your game published before update finish.

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You can go onto your new file and overwrite the old game with the new one I do this all the time on to my game when updating I overwrite the old one onto the new one that I just worked (same game, same place that I was working on I just overwrite it and the new version gets uploaded to the same game and on and no visits/likes resetted.

If you’d wish to override the original game, use that copy that’s on your computer drive, most likely stored in a folder called “Roblox.” HOWEVER, that may delete any data from the last one, and you can’t go back.

Instead of clicking Close Place why don’t you just click Save To Roblox. I don’t know if it will change anything, but it might.

Thanks guys! But how would I transfer my UI to my game? Copy and paste? I didn’t do much changes, but I really don’t wanna rewrite my code or copy and paste for a chance to get lot’s of errors.

Overwrite the old game with the new one?

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Like @wesam1992 said, you would use Overwrite to do this. I use overwrite a lot to copy things (such as models, code, and UI) to another place.

I just copied and pasted. It’s fine. Thanks though!