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Added the following to the Random Stylised Assets section:

  • Bundle o’ Books

Disclaimer: If, by chance, you are interested in commissioning me for some work, you can contact me on Discord: ᴛᴜʀʙᴏ#0955

Hi all!

I don’t know about anybody else, but I am head-over-heels for the stylised aesthetic. I have since tried to undertake trying to make my own after watching a seemingly infinite amount of tutorials. Let me know what you think!

Random Stylised Assets
Witch's Cauldron


Bundle o' Books


Environmental Assets

Stylised Waterfall

Pine Tree

Medieval Assets
Kingdom Tower


Stylised Pickaxe

Ghibli Assets

Credits to:
‘How I create Anime-Style Textures in 3D’ by Stylized Station.

Stylised Sculpts


Kingdom Tower

Medieval Lumbermill

I will continue to populate this thread with any new creations in the foreseeable future, and hopefully one day, I would like to become talented enough to release a free bundle to use in your games!


Looks amazing! Love the style and vibe of these assets

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Would love to see more of what you make, cool stuff!


@KarlOlsen @ShebebMyBrother
Thank you both!

I love these! keep the cool stuff coming.

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Included a stylised PBR texture test of a witch’s cauldron!

Wow, these are just amazing! Keep up the amazing work! I can’t wait to see more of your work!

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Included another texture test with some books! I’m beginning to think about making a showcase soon (of the interior of a witch’s house).

Thank you!

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I decided to utilise what I’ve learned so far to try and make a showcase, that I thought I’d show off so far. There’s some artefacts due to my poor ability to unwrap UVs properly.

The Witch’s Abode!


I hope you’ve all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! One of my resolutions for the new year is to improve my modelling, sculpting and overall art to better make stylised assets, and hopefully make a successful game featuring them!

A friend has tasked me to create some armour sets, so I begun conceptualising the heavy set. What’s your favourite colour?

Here I am, slowly getting the model out of the way so I can begin sculpting details. :smiley:


Update on the heavy armour!


A gun, but it can’t shoot… :eyes:


Looks really cool! I love your style.

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These could very easily be used in a professional game other than Roblox


Couple of new things, one of which is still in the works!

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These are pretty realistic assets and would look great in any fantasy game!


how did you do the ghibli terrain

These look honestly amazing. I’m flabbergasted by your work!

Clearly, these aren’t your assets. You simply took some open-sourced assets and called them yours.

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Couldn’t he have watched that tutorial and made it from that?