TweenCanvasSize For ScrollingFrames

I’m surprised this hasn’t been suggested yet, but why don’t ScrollingFrames have TweenCanvasSize? I am not entirely sure if there’s much of a need for this right now, but I would like to see this become a feature as it’s bound to have some need if it’s shipped. This would be useful when increasing the size of scrollbars smoothly and I really don’t see a reason as to why it shouldn’t exist.

The only use case I have for it right now is that I’m tweening a gui’s size while it is in a scrollingframe so I’d like the canvassize to resize smoothly as well.

It seems kind of strange to tween the CanvasSize of a scrolling frame but probably a valid use case, we could potentially add this. I really wish we had some sort of generic property tweening though. cc @darthskrill

I want something that will alter the minimum amount of scrollerbar movement. Meaning if I want a bar to only move vertical in increments of 12 pixels or even a scale value, I can do so

Or even better, have ROBLOX do the tweening utilities, so you can sit back and not worrying about pluggin in the same code for each and every project you do.

But certainly, generic tweening libraries are useful - problem is just that a bunch of people, both here and outside of the dev forums do not know how they’ll go about thinking of this feature (and instead uses loops that holds up everything else and has an unpredictable duration) or finding it among free models (if I don’t know it exists already, I’ll probably not look for it. Am I searching for “tween canvas size” in Free Models? not sure if I’ll get results from that specific search.)

So yeah - making it an official feature would mean more people use it in a more standard way, and it would be useful for so many things :slight_smile:
I… might’ve went a bit off-track, sorry >_>

This is something I want to do, can’t really say when though…

I should say we have other motivations here besides a common library. Tweening can be very expensive if your game has a lot of them, this makes it easy for us to batch up efficiently, not to mention there are no interop calls between Lua and c++ for property assignment like you would have to do with a Lua library


UDim2:lerp() exists, you might get away with using that.

That would still require a loop which would defeat the purpose of having a Tween function for ScrollingFrames.

Ah. I see.