TweenInfo Priority

As a developer I want to be able to specify the priority of a tween so that they aren’t automatically overridden by another tween.

TweenInfo would have a new parameter to represent this. If I start a tween with the same priority or a higher priority then it will override the existing tween as is the default behavior. However, if I start a tween with lower priority then only properties that are not being actively tweened will be changed and the existing tween will carry on as usual.

As a specific use-case I am working on an interface right now. I have a menu that I want to fade out, however I have text that I want to fade in when the user hovers over an item on the menu. The global fade would have a higher priority and thus when I fade out the menu the hover effect will no longer occur.


This seems to have become forgotten but to this day I still miss this feature, or its slightly less developed counterpart, a override parameter.

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