TweenSequence Editor

How would a scroll bar work, considering animations can be any length?


It would decrease in size as the animation grows longer, and perhaps scrolling on it could make it scroll. (This suggestion is coming from a dude who’s scroll wheel won’t register clicking.)

Nice plugin! Been using it for months now

but I seem to have found a bug

when I scroll through the animation everything seems to look fine.
but when I play the animation all the other assets don’t seem to be animating except one

even in-game I only see the W Animating I’m not sure if it’s just me but if you can take a look that would be awesome thanks! :smiley:

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Would be a nice tool for previewing stuff.
Very cool :+1:

Can you send the place file to me via a PM so I can have a look?

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How to make start animate when touching an object?

How do you “attach” multiple objects to one, and tween them all together, without using Union or Meshes. I’ve tried doing it many different ways but it never worked.

Hi, great resource and big thank you!

How do I animate a model position and orientation?, I tried adding Position, Cframe, Vector3… but nothing worked.

OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING! I recently tried making UI animations (using attributes) and it worked well, but it was hard to imagine what the animation would look like without testing it out and running the program. This plugin makes everything so much easier, and I love it so much. You also make it very easy to integrate in to my own code. Thank you so much for making it for free too! My only feedback is to add a way to increase/decrease the time steps instead of always incrementing by 0.1. If this is already a feature, make it more visible and user friendly. Overall, an amazing plugin that I would 100% recommend.

One small piece of feedback, why don’t you set DonePlaying to DonePlaying.Event? What is the point of having it like this? It’s just a little annoying.

You can use Completed to avoid typing out DonePlaying.Event. I updated parts of the API since release, but haven’t updated the forum post yet. :sweat_smile:


Awesome! Also, one thing I have found is that the items list gets cluttered and confusing with many instances in the animation, especially when you don’t use most of the instances in the animation itself. You could possibly space them out more and increase the horizontal distance from a parent instance to a child instance.

Could you consider adding an autosave to it too? Or the ability to select multiple keyframes (if that isn’t already added). IDK, just suggestions.

Anyways I’m surprised this plugin hasn’t gotten that much attention, considering it’s one of the most creative and useful out there.

example showing cluttered item list:

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I’m considering working on a remake of this plugin at some point that addresses everything you’re talking about here. Glad you like it!


Yes, please make a remake! Also, It’s a little glitchy sometimes when you do a combination of saving, deleting, and creating a new animation and there are errors in the output.

One more thing, sorry for so many replies. When I save an animation, then close and open studio, the animations are still there but I can’t open them in the editor. It says “import” instead of create, but it still just makes a blank animation and deletes the saved animation… Sometimes. Really annoying.

Cool plugin !! but theres a bug where the timeline shows like this where the number are with a lot of 0s

probably due to this Behavior change: tostring() will start returning shortest precise decimal representation of numbers

roblox has normal imprecisions to adding numbers so sometimes there will be like 0.0000000005, tostring used to return 0 in that case, but now to make it more reliable its returning the full number


This is SO helpful! Thank you so much!

Nice plugin! Too bad there is too many bugs that interfere with workflow. I bet this works fine on most parts but when trying to tween the HumanoidRootPart there is just too many bugs in the interface. I want to move the humanoidrootpart up and rotate it. Half of the time studio crashes from the rotation. Also when I go back to the start the root part dont go back to its default position. I get that I should use :SetOrigin for the root position but the tool just is not worth it since if you wanted to correct a tween previously made you will need to have the exact same setup with CFrame etc. as when you first made the tween or else the old tween will not import. Nice idea but a not so destructive origin would be helpful plus minus all the bugs.

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is really useful but there should be some kind of autocomplete