TweenSequence Editor

Your plugin is very broken

Is there by chance you will fix these bugs? They are very annoying, and often breaks my GUI’s Animator Module.

Can you show me what the plugin widget looks like when you get these errors and the model you are using the plugin on that is producing these errors? It looks like you may have modified the model after creating tweens for it without having the editor open, so it is looking for instances that no longer exist.
Once you use the editor on a model, you can’t modify the animated parts of that model anymore or the editor will stop working for it (unless the editor is open while you modify it).

I’m pretty sure that broke because the animator still thought i was animating it, even though i had it closed and i was just working on my GUI

One thing i don’t like is that you have to stretch the window to fit more keyframes which gets really annoying. But great plugin it’s pretty much an animation editor, but not restricted to characters.

You can zoom out on the timeline by scrolling with the mouse wheel, and drag it left and right by holding the middle mouse button.

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I just learned require and it makes SO much more sense. I also will warn people that you cannot change a UiCorner yet as no scripts will affect it.

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Can the animations be longer than 2.5 seconds because I can’t seem to see more of the timeline, I love the plugin.

You can zoom out on the timeline by scrolling the mouse wheel, and you can move the timeline left and right by holding and dragging the mouse wheel.

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I used to love and hate tweens because of how exhausting and long to script it was, you made my life 666 times easier :heart_eyes:. Tysm, i’ll give some feedback in compensation:

  1. Playing the tween in-game is hard for those who don’t know anything about LUA and scripting, you should make a “Play in-game” tick for those who doesn’t know how to script or those who wanna save time

  2. Rig support (idk if that’s possible but still)

I know it isn’t much but your plugin is so (f word) good!

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Then just use TweenService and scripting, sorry.

He just made a suggestion why you are so rude?

That would be so useless, unless you are looping the tweens.

I didn’t mean to be rude. i just said that the only way of doing what he wanted to do was scripting, i even said sorry. What’s rude on that comment?

Who said it is only possible with scripting? it is not impossible to add that feature in to the plugin and the ROBLOX’s default animation editor already has that feature(if i remember correctly).

But at the moment scripting is the only way. But now seriously, what did i say that was rude?

I think I did understand your feeling when you made the message incorrectly. Also he probably does already know that he can use scripting to do it, you did not have to say that.

Welp, in case he didn’t know he knows now at least.

Same thing with me.

The plugin is amazing and I’m slowly getting the hold of it. But… I’m a bit confused with the “trackname” part. What should I insert over there?

Whatever you have named your tween in the editor. For example, the default name is NewTween, so you would call animator.NewTween:Play() to play it.

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This saves me soo much scripting! :smile: Now I can focus on the animation, not the scripting.