Type of enemies, Roblox ToS

So I’m making an anti-terrorism game and I want to know if these things would be allowed

-Enemies that chases you with a machete, axe, etc.
-Enemies with a bomb vest that would either run at you or detonate when they die
-Enemies that would take a hostage and hold them at gunpoint

-Hostages laced with explosives (you need to defuse it to help them)

Again, this game is “anti-terrorism” themed so if it’s not allowed but you have any ideas on what I can replace them with lemme know

-danke <3

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The bomb vest enemies probably will get your game taken down. The machete, axe enemies are fine since it was used in lots of games. Although the enemies that take hostages and hold them at gunpoint… Yeah, I’m kind of unsure about that, but it was added in some games. Try to follow the TOS as most as you can.

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(Roblox Community Standards)

Take what I say in this reply with a grain of salt, because I’m no moderator, but it seems to me as long as your game doesn’t allow you in any way at all to support the enemies (e.g. being able to directly kill a hostage), and as long as it doesn’t represent a real terror group (you cant use terror group’s logos/names, likely not similar derivatives of them either) it should just about be fine.

I’d definitely be careful with the bomb vests though, hence the above rules “references to ideologies, messages, or strategies of terrorist […]” Perhaps just giving them explosive weapons or grenades is better.

View the rest of the CS to be sure I haven’t missed anything!

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soooo no hostage taking either? D:

On the contrary, I actually think that might be okay, given that it’s in good context. Just again, make sure it’s not obviously depicting a real-life terrorist group. For instance, the Roblox game Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 has had hundreds of millions of visits and involves rescuing hostages from enemies, so looks good! :+1:

I meant taking a hostage at gunpoint

Yep, should be fine. If any game has a gun in it, and it’s used to kill people, I don’t see what difference it makes if it’s pointed at someone to hostage. CS mentions nothing about hostages, as far as I’m sure, so it should be okay.

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