Typewriter Effect

Heyo, developers!

I do not know if anyone would make use of this because of how relatively easy it is to make, but hey. This is basically an open-sourced system that typewrites strings onto a GUI. And yes, this can process numbers, symbols, and emojis.

It runs with one script, and for the most part, is heavily documented.

Note: You’re not required to credit me but if you have a youtube channel featuring this tutorial please do so.

Here’s a link to the uncopylocked place and remember to play around and change stuff up! Happy developing. :slight_smile:

Cheers m8s!


I would opt firstly to keep the text a constant size, and secondly to make sure previously written text doesn’t move from its original spot. By the way, the white-on-pink combo makes it difficult for people with compromised eyesight to read.

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Thank you, I’m going to be using this for my games until I learn to create a typewriter for myself!

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If you want it to feel more natural, I would recommend adding a delay in between punctuation such as commas, periods, etc.

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Don’t use wait() in production. The delay it results strongly depends on current load, with 0.03 of a second ranging from 0.03 to infinity.

Use a heartbeat loop instead.


Great resource, although there is really no point to open source a whole game that requires the launching of studio when you can just do:

--[~[ Put inside the TextLabel! ]~]--
local final = "Hello, world!" -- the final text of the typewriting
local delay = 0.1 -- the delay (in seconds) that a letter will be outputted

for i = 1,#final do
script.Parent.Text = string.sub(final,i,1)

That is just 7 lines, and it can be shortened down to 4.


You see this was just for resource sake because people might want to implement it. However, you have a great point there, will definitely take this into consideration when making my own games, Cheers!

Ahh, I see!

Funny thing is, I was wondering what a heartbeat loop was and watched a RunService tutorial by the “TheDevKing”'! (I understand it clearly now) Thanks for the constructive criticism and will definitely take it into consideration next time.

Aha, I see!

It completely slipped my mind yesterday to just paste the script here. Thanks for your feedback, have a good one!

Glad you like the resource and most of all, thank you for using it in your games. Means a lot personally, thank you and have a good one. :slight_smile:

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Hey, i’ve tried modifying your script a bit, but only the first letter shows up and then dissapears, do you know why

> script.Parent.Parent.Text.Changed:Connect(function()

local final = script.Parent.Parent.Text.Value – the final text of the typewriting
local delay = 0.2 – the delay (in seconds) that a letter will be outputted

for i = 1,#final do
script.Parent.Text = string.sub(final,i,1)

do you know why this happens, if so, could you point out the error (question mark and slash button is broken)


Just saw this, for support for RichText I’d highly recommend this module. It’s more than a single function and has served my projects very well

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Also You can use this too! Animating Text Module