[UB] The Pride of Unoma


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The Dark Warriors

Unoma’s Bloodline

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

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[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - Ultaria’s Past
[4.0] - An Ultarian’s Purpose
[5.0] - Expectations & Behaviors
[6.0] - Rules & Guidelines

  • [6.1] - UB Laws
  • [6.2] - Celvestian Laws

[7.0] - Try Outs & Requirements

  • [7.1] - Becoming Unoma’s Pride

[8.0] - Ranks & Structure
[9.0] - Attire & Uniforms
[10.0] - Outside Communication
[11.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

This document will serve to cover the topics associated with Unoma’s Bloodline, how it’ll function, its laws, expectations, and so on. The Ultarians of UB are currently investing their time as the acting elites division of Celvestia. They’re sent out on private missions and individual tasks that are separate from the main group. The division itself also functions as its own nation due to its backstory associating with the planet named Ultaria and the race known as the Ultarians. Therefore, UB can and will act as a separate group that’s directly linked to Celvestia’s control. This document will serve to cover sections regarding requirements to join, basic background, the guidelines behind this division, and so on. We hope it answers all of your questions and if it doesn’t then you may contact an HR of Unoma’s Bloodline. Otherwise, take your time and enjoy reading over our UB document!

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | Ultaria’s Past]:black_small_square:

Here’s some basic & rushed lore for all of you to enjoy my lovelies.

In Celvestian mythology, the God of War known as Unoma enslaved countless nations under the banner of Celvestia and continued to push his reign outward into the many different neighboring galactic systems. One of those nations happened to be Ultaria. The Ultarians are known as an incredibly blood thirsty and barbaric race yet are simultaneously advanced and civilized at the same time. It’s quite an outstanding war-driven society that Unoma stumbled upon and it reflected greatly upon his ambitions of creating the perfect warrior race for the continued advancement of Celvestia into a brighter and more controlled future as well as for his own personal interests. Unoma ended up waging war against the Ultarians and sent out a massive force of Ironhead transports that were deployed from numerous mother ships hovering above the air space of Ultaria. These Ironheads acted as both an offensive and ground support ship which proved to be incredibly useful when deployed in risky situations. Unoma ended up winning this war against the Ultarians after a well fought and exhausting battle that accumulated heavy causalities on both sides of the war spectrum.

From there, Unoma utilized the Ultarians under his rule and began capitalizing off of the potential of Ultaria and its people. The potential of creating super warriors trained to blindly follow the orders of someone with a greater power excited him greatly. From there, Unoma kept Ultaria a secret from the rest of the Celvestian Gods and his own servants as well. He did not wish to risk any civil nor rogue disputes regarding his ambitions to create a super race. Overtime, Unoma managed to train the Ultarians under his influence, guidance, and teaching’s. And because he’s the God of War he knew more than anyone else the perfect strategies, tactics, and methods of taking down an enemy. Therefore, this resulted in a massively overpowered fighting force headed by Unoma himself. Eventually he dubbed the nation of Ultaria as one of his own, creating what he believed to be was his destined bloodline to represent his pride and joy in the craft that he does as a warrior and as a deity. The Ultarians represent his true instincts as a natural born killer and battle commander. They became the pride of who he is as a God of War. However, they did not come between him and his loyal servants. To Unoma, the Ultarians were pawns used to take control of other systems and planets for his personal gain.

Eventually word got out about Ultaria and its rise to power as a notably powerful faction within the neighboring galactic systems. The truth of Ultaria’s origins was discovered after several Ultarians were captured at Teroma. Teroma was the home world of the man that slaughtered Unoma’s family. Unoma has been on a long search for him for quite sometime now and eventually discovered his location after he tracked down and interrogated his associates. In the peak of this discovery he sent a fighting force of fifty million Ultarians to Teroma to commit search and seize parties of the planets resources and inhabitants. Eventually, Unoma found the man who committed the atrocities against his family and he took him to the resting place of his family where he spilled his blood (can’t say how) all over their graves as an act of repenting and forgiveness. However, in the process of finding this man he lost quite a number of Ultarians and word got out about this massive search party as escapees from Teroma dragged along with them captured Ultarians to explain what exactly was going on back on Teroma. After Unoma was exposed for creating such a massive fighting force to do his every whim he became an outcast to the other Gods for some time because of is dishonesty. However, after several years they forgave him for his actions and Sorahn granted him his permissions to take control of Ultaria once more. However, Unoma came to an agreement with himself to just hand over Ultaria to his loyal servants who he would believe would use Ultaria and its people to contribute to Celvestia’s endeavors and overall benefit. However, after the fall of Seranus and the revolution that took place within Celvestia, Ultaria was then granted sovereignty by the new leader of Celvestia, Sidian Rose, who became the first ever and newly formed rank of Venerius. Since then Ultaria has acted on its own accord as a nation under the respective rule of Celvestia. Celvestia provides resources and assistance to help keep its people happy and in return they provide with us a partnership that allows for some of their people to enlist in our ranks and be granted a specific kind of role within our military structure. This role would then be associated with a division called Unoma’s Bloodline in memory of the history that created the foundation of this division. The name acknowledges the involvement of Unoma and how he considered the Ultarians to be a perfect warrior race to fight under Celvestia’s banner. If the God of War considers your people to be up there with the greats then clearly you’re doing something right. Nowadays, Unoma’s Bloodline acts as the official division that harbors Celvestians and Ultarians mixed within the crowd. It has become a powerful fighting force all on its own.

:black_small_square:[4.0 | An Ultarians’ Purpose]:black_small_square:

If you read over section 3.0 then you’ll have a brief grasp of what bloodline members are expected to do in Celvestia. In the main group they’ll attend events like any regular Celvestian, however, since Unoma’s Bloodline acts as its own sovereign dominion as both a nation link (Celvestia to Ultaria) and division everything that happens in accordance to these elite members is in respect to what goes on inside Unoma’s Bloodline (the group itself). The tasks, missions, raids, and everything associated with events and objectives are in respect to what’s being assigned in the division itself since it operates separately from the main group and acts as its own ‘clan’ in a sense while still supporting and linking itself directly to the main group. Consider this division as its own clan doing its own thing with a separate leader governing the entity. However, in the main group they will be given tasks such as acting as an offensive force during main group raids and defenses as well as protecting several places when absolutely necessary and are out of the jurisdiction of the TCK. They can be given all kinds of various tasks including acts of espionage against other nations. Good stuff.

:black_small_square:[5.0 | Expectations & Behaviors]:black_small_square:

Bloodline members don’t have to worry about how they act while at events of the main group since they will be lumped in with the rest of the Celvestians. However, when they’re on-duty in their own group (UB) they must act mature, respectful, not use any faces at all (:3, :), c:, etc), and should remain silent until spoken to. This applies to when they’re present at events within the UB group itself. However, they’re treated more leniently when they attend main group events since special treatment is not associated with anyone. When they’re at their own events they’re expected to wear the uniform of their division and specific division rank. They can also wear the division uniform when at main group events as well. They’re not forced to wear their division attire when they’re off-duty from that division and are attending events in the main group or even other divisions. And much like TCK, if the bloodline member is actively working on a task/objective they are to not speak to anyone until they have finished their job unless an HR approaches them. Otherwise, they’re to remain silent and not explain themselves in any way. This also prevents any form of espionage acts being committed against the division. So bottom line: act normally in the main group and do everything that’s listed in this paragraph in regards to your behavior in the division itself.

:black_small_square:[6.0 | Rules & Guidelines]:black_small_square:

This section will cover briefly some of the main rules for UB as well as how the rest of Celvestia’s laws correlate with this division. You are to actively follow these rules and laws and failure to do so will result in any of the punishment decrees listed in the Universal Decree based on the law you broke and how badly you did so.

:black_small_square:[6.1 | UB Laws]:black_small_square:

  1. You should be at least an MR in the main group so that you’re able to grasp as much of Celvestia’s information as you can and adapt to the group properly. This allows the S & V grade members to monitor you and figure out if you’re qualified enough to represent Ultarian blood.

  2. You are to obey the Universal Law while following the laws of this division at the same time. Trying to go through any loopholes will count as an offense and will be dealt with punishment.

  3. Be as mature as a you can be at any given event.

  4. An Ultarian should only lose to another Ultarian. Do not let yourself fall in the face of defeat. We understand there are certain circumstances that will hinder your chances but it shouldn’t stop you from trying.

  5. To stand against Ultaria/Celvestia with any form of hate speech, illegal protect, etc is strictly forbidden.

  6. While on-duty you must wear your uniform and the hat combo you’ve chosen to match with the uniform.

  7. As stated in section 5.0, you aren’t allowed to speak unless spoken to or asked to by a S & V Grade member or for helping and assisting a fellow Celvestian. Faces aren’t permitted at all. They are NEVER to be used.

  8. Acting childishly such as jumping on other people’s heads, disturbing an STS formation, complaining about the event, bugging for promotions, causing drama, getting mad about unnecessary things, and so on, will not be tolerated and punishments will be received.

  9. If a UB member is caught instigating or fueling a dramatic situation he/she will be punished even if they’re proven innocent, however, if you were sucked into the dramatic situation and you were proven innocent then you’re fine. Unless, the S & V Grade decides otherwise.

  10. UB members are supposed to be respectful to all the gods and shouldn’t tolerate any disrespect towards them.

  11. Try outs will be held in the main group and anyone can attend.

  12. Select UB members should join the try outs to demonstrate the level of proficiency required to join.

  13. You are to respect the places, events, and people of Celvestia at all times. If you’re seen as acting disruptive or disrespectful then you will be swiftly replaced/removed from the division.

  14. UB members are the elite warriors of Celvestia. They are expected to defend its name with their own blood and integrity.

  15. You are supposed to be the first to attend raids/defenses and if you’re caught skipping one for no profound reason then you’ll be punished severely in UB. You are supposed to be leading the horde of Celvestians during these events as well as helping with the organization and acting as the motivator of the team.

  16. During a raid/defense, if you’re asked to hold a position then you must do so with all your might.

  17. UB training’s are must-attends. Skipping normal training’s for UB training’s are allowed and as a UB member a training in the UB division is more important than a raid/defense in any another group (except for TDW). Not attending for any reason would lead to a warning.

  18. You will serve the S & V Grade members in valor and faith. You are not only dedicated to Celvestia but to its leaders as well.

  19. All UB events are closed doors. Do not leak information outside of UB.

  20. Following the requests/orders of the knights is mandatory. If they are defending an event and don’t permit you access to a certain room/event then you must obey unless granted by an S & V Grade member.

  21. You are to not disturb anyone else’s progress in UB.

  22. UB and a few other divisions can bypass certain laws should the situation escalate to the point where it requires extreme and radical measures.

  23. Never brag about your current position within UB.

  24. UB’s are to accept any task given to them and are to not to debate on the task they were given. If they so wish to debate on whether or not they should do that certain task then they can bring it up in a private setting with a Venerian Grade member and/or a UB HR.

  25. Protect your fellow UB’s and aid them in times of desperate need. Do not abandon your brothers and sisters.

  26. Surrender is never an option.

  27. Any form of harassment, bullying, and/or ganging up on your fellow UB members will be addressed accordingly by the Universal Decrees degree punishments.

  28. If you’e issued a challenge by someone that is considered to be an equal to your strengths then you must accept. Do not cower in the face of a challenge.

  29. Never participate in flaming or insulting the other party. We understand there are trolls. However, you are better than them. Ignore them and carry on. Let the S & V Grade members deal with them.

  30. Never abuse your weapon. You know it better than anyone else around you.

  31. Never make fun of an enemy if you win. You are the elite so act like one.

  32. Do not announce to the world that you’re a part of the Ultarian bloodline and expect special treatment. You are better than no one else around you.

  33. Friendships and relationships are only allowed off-duty.

  34. You will not hold back when performing in battle. You are laying down your life for Celvestia.

  35. Special training’s for UB can grant you Celvarium in the main group, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend the main group’s events.

  36. UB members that are considered to be traitors and/or their loyalty is to that of another nation will be swiftly exiled from the division and most likely from the main group. To be let back into UB the S & V Grade members must vote a 100% majority for you to pass.

  37. S & V Grade members are allowed to become UB’s, however, it shouldn’t distract you from the tasks in the main group assigned to you.

  38. If allied members and representatives are present on Celvestian soil you can act as a UB member. If you’re on their soil you must be very mature.

  39. At joint events, UB’s are expected to be the most serious and should perform the best, destroying everyone who stands in their way. Proving to our allies that they are the bloodline to look up to.

  40. If a UB event is taking place at a fort it shall not be changed to anything else until the event is over and if anyone else joins then they will be immediately kicked unless they’re a S & V grade member. The S & V Grade member will be asked in regards to their presence at the event and if they require special assistance, otherwise they must leave.

  41. Anyone that isn’t in UB is strictly prohibited from joining UB events.

  42. Use common sense.

:black_small_square:[6.2 | Celvestia’s Laws]:black_small_square:

Bloodline members are expected to follow the laws listed in the Universal Decree and the punishments listed in section 5.0 can apply here as well.

:black_small_square:[7.0 | Try Outs & Requirements]:black_small_square:

Try Outs will be hosted in the main group and it’ll be posted both on Discord and in the group shout. The majority of these try outs will be scheduled, however, some of them will be hosted at random. These try outs will be fairly simple: the host will observe your behavior during the event as well as your skills and he/she will then base their final judgement on how skilled and experienced you are as a warrior and as a tactician/strategist. Experience, Fighting Prowess, and Knowledge is the key to get you into UB. However, this is a basic synopsis of what a host could do to determine who’s fit and who isn’t. They can always do other kinds of activities to determine the best possible Celvestians for UB. Requirements are also fairly simple as well with them being that you’re in the main group, you’ve been active for the past month or so, you’re mature enough to handle a position where impulsive behavior is prohibited, and you’re exceptionally skilled with melee and ranged weaponry.

:black_small_square:[7.1 | Becoming Unoma’s Pride]:black_small_square:

Once you’ve become a bloodline member you will be required to purchase the shirt and pants for Unoma’s Bloodline. You could also wear the other shirt and pants for LR’s. As for hat combo’s as long as the hat matches the outfit it will be allowed. Once you’ve got your outfit all settled you will then wait patiently for your next mission/event/task that’ll take place within UB and if one is currently not taking place then you may attend the main groups’ events with your UB uniform on and see if the S & V Grade members require of you to do anything for them that is covered by the UB’s jurisdiction.

:black_small_square:[8.0 | Ranks & Structure]:black_small_square:

How the structure works is fairly simple. The ranks of Warden and above are considered to be the high ranks of Unoma’s Bloodline. The ranks below Warden are considered to be low ranks. Promotions in UB are based entirely on the events that take place within UB and what the host thinks of your performance as you progress through each event that’s held, your tasks and mission completion success rates, your performance at raids and defenses, your activity and loyalty, and your overall experience and involvement in the group. Promotions will also be awarded weekly or every halfway point in the week depending on the progress of certain UB members. Fairly simple stuff to grasp. Now if you notice the TCK division has a rank called “S & V Grade members” and that is because the TCK division is not a sovereign nation it is a direct division of Celvestia and her assets. Unoma’s Bloodline is based on the relationship between Ultaria and Celvestia through a mutual agreement of exchanging resources and troops. Therefore, Unoma’s Bloodline is outside of the jurisdiction of the S & V Grade members but is still governed by the Venerius himself since Celvestia still provides protection and support to Ultaria as a sovereign nation.

:black_small_square:[9.0 | Attire & Uniforms]:black_small_square:

Your character’s skin color can be based on a human’s skin color, however, we’d prefer if you made your skin color on the darker end of the spectrum such as dark stone grey.

For lower ranks they must wear either the battle armor top and bottom or the LR armor top and bottom. For HR’s they must wear the HR Battle armor top and the LR battle armor bottom or the HR top and HR bottom.

:black_small_square:[10.0 | Outside Communication]:black_small_square:

Unoma’s Bloodline has its own discord server that is separate from the main groups’ discord server. To join the UB discord server you must ask for the invite link from a UB HR.

:black_small_square:[11.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

We hope this covered everything you needed to know on a general basis about Unoma’s Bloodline. Any additional questions can be answered by UB HR’s and/or S & V Grade members. Any suggestions towards making UB better can also be forwarded to that same group of people. Thank you for taking the time to read over this document. We hope you enjoy your time here in Celvestia as well as UB. And as always, stay true to your heart of gold. And to my Ultarians and fellow Celvestians of the bloodline, you are Unoma’s pride.

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • AgnitedFury, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • SanityCheck, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • Montrulio, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • Embresk, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • WinterCelvestian, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Swordloxx, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Sketchys, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • GrandAllister, Beston of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.


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