UGC accessories and Clothing items appearing in the creator/uploader's inventory very delayed

Hello, Roblox team! Recently (in the past few days) there’s been a bug occurring when uploading UGC accessories/Layered clothing, UGC bodies/heads and 2d clothing. To my knowledge, no UGC program member knows what causes this to happen but hopefully the root problem will be discovered by the Roblox engineers. This happened before, like 2-3 times in the past, but the delay was about 1 hour or less, now the delay can get up to 24 hours. This is quite concerning, because no creator can publish the items as limiteds, until the uploader of the asset receives the item in their inventory. If people advertise their items on other platforms such as Guilded, Twitter or Discord, they want to maybe “Schedule” Limited items, in their games, but because the uploader of the asset didn’t receive their item in the inventory, they can’t publish it as a limited item, sometimes delaying the schedule release of the item. We all know how some people in online communities can be at times, and they will try to attack/spam/threated then item creator because the item isn’t published at the scheduled time.

This is very annoying for me as a UGC creator, because I need to publish my items like days prior the scheduled release of the item, causing not only the item to appear lower into the catalog once it’s limited, but this also “spoils” the item before it was supposed to release, for example:
I wanted to make a “Gift Box” that awards a free prize. Since I need to upload the prize 1-2 days before It’s supposed to be released, people will be able to see what the prize is, EVEN IF the prize is supposed to be a surprise item.

I think I’m speaking for all the creators there, when I say that this is a very critical issue, and should be fixed, or at least change the way limited items can be published, and allow us to publish limiteds BEFORE they appear in our inventories.

  • Visual Aids:

    Item that was just uploaded shows up as “not owned” on it’s page and requires me to buy it (highlighted the owner to show that I uploaded the item)

    Item was uploaded a few days ago, shows up as “Owned” on it’s page (again, highlighted the owner to show that I uploaded the item)

    Error prompted to users with UGC permissions, trying to publish an item before the Uploader received it

Now I understand, there might be issues once an item is Limited, and the uploader receives the item after it was set to limited, but we still need a fix to this because it is affecting the ENTIRE platform, not just people with UGC accessories permissions.

Expected behavior

What I expect to happen, is instantly receive the item as soon as It was uploaded, or have Limiteds publishing not affected by this issue


Thank you for your report. We found an issue with the process that assigns assets to their creator’s inventory that was causing them to back-up adding a long delay before they were processed. We have resolved the issue, and all backed-up items should now be processed.

We appreciate your report and we are taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


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