UGC Avatar Bodies [Guidelines]

It’s interesting but you have to remember that a lot of front page games on Roblox right now only use R6. It would be really sad for us not to be able to adapt the bundles to R6. I would love to see this happen, I’m willing to put more effort into adapting to R6.


Excited to see more of Roblox become user generated! As outlined in the roadmap, I will be really excited when the UGC program rolls out to all creators!


Thank you for the reply. I’m deeply familiar with Roblox’s pursuits in making sure new technologies are at the forefront of R&D and that’s especially true for avatars which are effectively the face of the platform. I just want to be certain that at some point, these avatar programs will also be open to and respect classic supported technologies that are still widely used in experiences today.

New avatar technologies are great, though I also do want the avatar team(s) to also be aware of those who are not subscribed that far and their desire for allowed customisation in their experiences ends at classic customisation. If creator control is important, it should go both ways. :tada:


This should be interesting to see what people will make.

:partying_face: Also, it’s time to celebrate because I finally achieved my goal of being the first person to like an announcement post. :partying_face:

I just hope SOMEONE will make a dynamic blockhead. I’ve been hoping for one ever since dynamic heads were announced, but unfortunately, Roblox doesn’t seem to want to do it. I suppose if no one else does it, I could try to learn how to make it myself. :thinking:


What will be with UGC Creators after all will obtain ability to publish accesories?


this is a horrible idea

i look forward to it and all the atrocities it will bring :]


Having a base price of 0 will be a huge determent to the quality of avatar bundles moving forward, as well as harming UGC creators as a whole. With current free UGC items, they don’t disrupt the market too much due to their cost and the fact that there is a limited supply.

If you have the ability to make a bundle for free, there will be nothing protecting a creator from another creator making a conceptually similar bundle which is different enough from the original so as to avoid DMCA while being close enough to completely cut the original item off at the knees as far as sales are concerned. Not only do I expect this to happen frequently, but I know personally it will be completely demotivating for me as a creator and I will not be creating more bundles if this happens to me.

This is all well and good, but without any protection for creators users will miss out on quality avatar bodies that would have otherwise been created if they were competing in a fair market. There should at the very least be an exorbitant cost to uploading items for free, or we will see a flood of low quality free items which will choke out the catalog rapidly just as we’ve seen with classic shirts and pants.


This will be a mess. Take it to the bank.


I hope this isn’t rude but this is a kick in the head to all the creators who put their heart and soul into this, as someone who has been preparing for this since last year and has created well over 100 unique avatars and has put countless of hours and sacrificed alot, this has absoluty dishartened me from continuing. I’m ok with price floor being low but to that extent seems rather extreme. I think perhaps it would be better if the price floor was similar to normal accessories such as 15 - 50 robux.

Further in the event that someone copies my avatar and prices it at 0, why would someone want to buy mine if its already up for sale for free? or rather what if someone copies my idea/concept and then prices it for free.

This only harms creators and provides very little insentive to continue creating avatars.

In the end I respect your decisions and will not complain further if you decided to enforce this, this is just my personal opinion and I hope you consider this




Can we please get custom 2D faces next? I see so many UGC creators uploading hats for faces because Roblox hasn’t enabled UGC 2D faces, even though they’re just decals. It’d be MASSIVELY helpful for keeping UGC hats from being 50% face hats.


I agree, the catalog is constantly flooded with colored head accessories and this will remove the clutter of similar items.


Shoes are also a bundle type. Are UGC shoes planned for 2023 as well?



finally now i can use something like this,

if anyone’s looking for a vid, here’s a demonstration i created years ago when it was first introduced but it was so buggy that HumanoidRootPart was set to below character’s leg thus of HipHeight not affecting it, at one point there was RigidConstraint that would fix skinned characters not being able to use tools but it doesn’t hook them to the bones as it’s S15 instead of Single meshes used. (docs of it weren’t clear at that time so i left it abandoned)


Are there plans to make this “community-led Marketplace” separate from the official Roblox Marketplate?

An example would be a tab named “UGC”. This Marketplace would encompass all User Generated Content, whereas the “Marketplace” tab would consist of all official Roblox avatar-wear.

Or a dedicated section in the current Marketplace?

As it currently stands, the Marketplace feels fairly disorganized and jumbled. And doesn’t seem to be headed in a clearer direction, clutter-wise.


I’m glad things are moving forward with custom avatar bodies, but I have some comments.

Without an appropriate baseline price floor, the market may fail to recognize the value put into rigging, character design, and other technical artistry. All items in the marketplace take up the same slot on a page. It will become difficult to differentiate between short-term and long-term work. Avatar bodies are lengthy to make and dishing it versus a tide of fast-to-upload content will be debilitating to original creators and power users. Creators may even end up not participating in this if it becomes fatal.

One possible solution I propose is to make a “Most Valued” sort based on how much Robux is made off an item rather than how much is taken. Healthy content exposure on the site is important.


So are we able to make blocky avatars that look very similar to R6 or R15?

Because many people tend to perfer that kind of style rather than the Rthro avatars that have felt forced onto everyone these last few years.

And allowing us to make blocky avatars would also be a great direction for UGC and it would even let players create many avatars that look like the picture below for example.

There’s defiantly a lot more potential that could be explored with this kind of blocky style that clearly isn’t being looked at enough due to the constant focus on Rthro avatars.

I mean, even having layered clothing work on the R6 style alone would make many players out there thankful since it really is an underappreciated concept that’s been around for ages.

So with all that being said, I’m really hoping that we’re able to make characters like these in the future since that would defiantly be something the wider Roblox community would enjoy themselves.


I’d love to see 3d mesh faces that are animateable? Kind of like the static ones I make.

Then you can have a base blank head types, and allow to wear multiple animated faces. Instead of trying to force everything to be rigged on a 3d head with geometry / deformations.

This would eventually lead to people splitting eyes and mouths apart to allow for a larger range of cartoony / anime style faces. If it’s tied solely to the head itself, then trying to mix / match eyes and mouths will be a lot more difficult (requiring re-rigging and animating each version).


What is the timeline on when UGC limiteds will be coming to groups?



This all feels so fast, and im really concerned about the spot roblox is in with the marketplace.
I Also wish my questions would be answered or some transparency could be said as soon as possible.

This UGC Stuff Is So Prioritized And Things Like, Free Bundles? there would be loads…
And what about all these offsale roblox bundles, can they not go limited ?
Can roblox not like put them onsale or something all the time , Eccentric Time Keeper, Headless?

  • There is also a question that many members of the community have been asking which is when roblox will turn all the offsale roblox items limited and continue with this daily, it was great to see roblox do so well and have a great year with sales and more, blue banded top hat going on sale, it was amazing. Offsale Limiteds Was The Greatest Decision Ever And We Now Shouldn’t Be Waiting.
    Loads of users on the platform have been trying to get attention of staff at roblox, who haven’t given any transparency. The Richest Roblox Player, Youtubers, Community Members you name it. No Transparency for roblox offsale limiteds for over two months and offsale limiteds were exciting, fun and made people feel confident in the path roblox was taking, Two Months waiting now, roblox thats not good enough

I would love to see a reply to this but so far the luck of someone answering these are super slim.

Roblox, UGC Is great, but you got to respect roblox items as well remember that you cant age up a platform where people leave because of non respect, 2022 really showed effort, two months and we have witnessed a fall off, We Need Answers, And Soon…
No Section In The Roadmap, no nothing so far and each day grows longer and longer and the trading community feels weaker and weaker, we spend our days trying hard for a clear message to be stated to the roblox team who do these items.

We Just want an answer, but we feel now like we are screaming at a wall,
It would be nice to see a response but ive tried so many times

#BringBackOffsaleLimiteds #RobloxCatalogTeamTransparency

The image below is what would finally bring the catalog back to life


I know this is a bit off topic, and I’m super pumped for UGC packages & heads, it’ll bring so many more possibilities for avatar customization and leave me with an avatar that I truly feel happy with, but I’m also interested in seeing what the team’s plans are for Roblox limiteds.

I’ve heard of plans that all Roblox-created items may eventually become limiteds that can be traded / resold. There’s also many rare & demanded off-sales that I own that I’d like to resell to others, or ones that I don’t own which I’d love to trade for, and I was hoping to try and collect the entirety of the egg hunt eggs too since they’ve been going limited (cough blue sparkle time faberge & egg of destiny from 2014). It felt like the closest we’ve had to egg hunts and sales since the last of them in 2021/2019 which were defining parts of Roblox’s history.

The reception for this has been mostly positive, so items (like workclocks, antlers, tixapalooza items) aren’t just left to be forgotten forever. There’s a lot of demand, and many of us are anxious to know why no more are being released as limiteds. Have plans changed? Are they all eventually going to go limited at once? Is it just paused while UGC rolls out?

Would greatly appreciate the transparency :slight_smile: