UGC Avatar Bodies [Guidelines]

This is really embarrassing to have to type out, but here we go anyway…

I see a potential day 1 problem of this basically turning into “booba world”, “butt world” or “giant crotch bulge world”.

  • As stated in the Community Standards, bodies should not be sexually suggestive and should be appropriate for all ages.

The current community standards don’t actually say this. There is only a mention of:

  • Sexually suggestive avatar clothing items

Please update the community standards so that moderation for these elements is frank and clear, something like banning “Exaggerated or explicitly sexualized body proportions”


“That resemble minors”, so avatars that resemble adults don’t need the modesty layer? I don’t entirely understand this part, I’m assuming maybe it’s opening up the opportunity for when Roblox implements 18+ features but you still cover that they shouldn’t be sexually suggestive.


Glad to see more expansion going on in regards to the UGC program.

While on the subject of UGC, how are the UGC applications being reviewed? I’ve heard countless stories of people (including myself) who have sent in applications more than 7 months ago and still have yet to hear back from Roblox. Are the UGC applications being pulled and viewed at random or is there just an enormous backlog of applications to look through?


The 0 price floor is very nice , hopefully by having free avatar bodies we get a wider variety of roblox avatars on the platform being used by free to play users.

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I really hope there will be a tutorial on how to create dynamic heads from scratch. The current examples we currently have have too much face bones that is actually making me feel overwhelmed like it is overcompicated.

It is kinda a shame that we can’t use 2d faces and make the heads adapt them which honestly i feel like that just limits self expression. Creators should be able to add it into their heads (if they want to, that is) and maybe let UGC creators sell faces (wihout having to upload 9797839 variations of the same facemask, but for a diffrent skin tone)


I have a question about this part

“When we enable bodies to be sold with additional parts like clothing or accessories, we will implement separate pricing rules.”

What about if someone wanted to make a character that has ears and tails, etc sort of things? Would those have to be uploaded separately for now?


By Faces you do mean Classic Faces, correct?


Will we get an option to customize or even sell skins for the Modesty layers? Its a bit bad for customization that every avatar body gets dark grey baked on underwear.

Also the modesty layers limit the ability to make layered clothing bikinis/swimsuits/crop tops as you’ll have to make them oversized and in specific shapes to completely cover up the modesty layers, and since each body will have different sized modesty layers some clothes will only cover up the modesty layer on certain bodies.


I genuinely hope that there’s a possibility to have more curves and accentuation on a UGC body. Obviously nothing too severe and exaggerated, but given that ROBLOX is consistently banning female chests on your avatar and whatnot, I fear we’ll be forced into strict confines when it comes to the proportions.

Genuinely hope this isn’t the case, considering we have an avatar body that at least shows some stomach, but god only knows given this company’s track record.


Is it possible to create a UGC avatar that doesn’t have R15 assets?


Tattoos, makeup

How would makeup be sold separately? Is there even options for that? Especially if it would (preferably) just be a texture on the head mesh?


I will do it when I’ll have time


Still waiting for UGC emotes and animations packs…


I do have a couple questions:

  • Will bodies be allowed to support classic clothing? It’s just a matter of having the correct UV mapping on the R15 limbs with no overlay texture, so I don’t think it will be avoidable unless it’s intentionally blocked. It would be nice to see the R15 clothing UV maps documented officially.
  • Are bodies expected to be rthro proportioned, or will classic proportions be allowed too?

Can answer the first question, at least currently. Looks like body parts will require a SurfaceAppearance object. This blocks the classic clothing texture from rendering even if the texture is blank iirc.

If it were made optional this would not be an issue.


Thats honestly a shame, but its understandable.
All existing RThro characters can’t use classic clothing right?

It would be nice if classic clothing could still be used. I’ve seen a lot of cool combinations with LC and classic clothing, like using classic clothes for tats. :confused: but I think it’d be really tough to make UV’s compatiable with custom characters because all UGC creators will be uv unwrapping bundles differently.


Yoo this is awesome this would be great!! I got already millions of ideas for this the bundles already are a bit dry so this will add a BUNCH of more but im only scared of people that would somehow abuse this and find a glitch to make your avatar SUPER large… That did happen before


This is very fascinating and I’m excited to learn what other new things come out of this. my only question though is if the packages themselves must be rthro or if they can be similar to classic packages.

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Some of us applied to UGC earlier this year, however I still did not get any response from my application. How long does it usually take? I applied about 4-5 months ago


Aren’t people gonna make invisible bodies one way or another? They may 1: use an invisible texture, 2: make a block body, but remove all faces, or 3: do the same thing headless head does (make everything so tiny u cant see it).