UGC Avatar Item Creation Access Being Revoked

My UGC access has been revoked because of a false ban. I decided to make an alt account, which met all the requirements. However, that account has also had its access removed immediately after I created it. Is this an IP ban?

There is a bug with roblox support so I can’t appeal the banned item due to a faulty captcha.



Please take a screenshot of the ban message. Also try clearing cookies and try using incognito mode to make the appeal.

What web browser you using?

This is the ban message:

Even if I sent the support ticket, I don’t know if they would be willing to give my UGC access back. Similar things have happened before and it’s usually difficult to communicate with Roblox support. I used both Brave and Chrome. It is a problem with FunCaptcha where it randomly makes you turn the image and submits it randomly.

I wonder if Roblox bans all accounts with the same ID or IP bans you. If they track you by ID, that has to be illegal right? They claim to delete all data of your ID.

I doubt that. Looking at your ban it isn’t IP related or ID related. It seems you got a false ban for one day. I don’t think your ugc access has been removed as it doesn’t mention that. If I was you I would wait the one day as Roblox support would take longer than a day to get your account unbanned.

What device are you using as I don’t know why capcha isn’t working right for you?

Roblox says otherwise. This account literally has no association to any ugc and just got premium + id verified.


This is really weird as that means there’s no reason Roblox would revoke my avatar item creation from this account.

I would try contacting Roblox support about this. As they could provide with more information and maybe be able to get your access back.

They just provide useless information saying that they can’t help.

Also, the root cause of this is false DMCA, which I’ve made a post about:

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Sadly your only other option is to send a counter notice which does suck as now you have to take it legally and hope they don’t take this false dmca to court.

I’ve just been hit with the same issue. My UGC uploading account @EllisTheamazinghero received a 1 day ban for the exact same reason as you and now I’m being met with the “item creation has been revoked” message. The ban on the account by the way was a false ban so this is hitting me hard.

DMCA Agents are also difficult to work with and won’t explain why they are rejecting my counter notice.