Roblox DMCA Exploit False BAN Please Help

My account, yes, concat_nate, the very one that I am using to create this post is terminated on ROBLOX.

I recently uploaded multiple UGC items that were targeted by “fh1p”, a ROBLOX user who falsely DMCA’s UGC creators on ROBLOX.

I understand how this exploit works. They download my UGC’s mesh, publish it as an existing marketplace model, whose creation date was before my UGC was uploaded. Then, they submit this via the Rights Manager. ROBLOX sees that their model’s creation date is before my UGC’s and assumes I am violating IP.

I have submitted a report to ROBLOX support, but I am not 100% confident they will understand or do anything. Does anyone have any tips? This happened yesterday and I am trying to do everything I can to get unbanned as I have tons of valuable stuff on this account.

If you are still doubtful of the legitimacy of what I am saying, I have first-handedly seen underground Discord communities who create tutorials of how to do this, exactly as I have described. Please do use this exploit, I am not promoting it and I am simply trying to get unbanned.

Further, if you look at fh1p’s profile, it is clear that he is associated with DMCA troll accounts. I know ROBLOX keeps model update history, so hopefully ROBLOX staff will be able to review that or model overwrite dates, and hopefully remove my ban, as well as restore my item.

Some of the DMCA Abuser accounts include:

(Some have been terminated, so that further gives me hope that ROBLOX is aware of this situation and can hopefully help me out :pray:)

Again, please leave any suggestions in replies.


I have also emailed copyright agent, opened a support ticket about moderation and DMCA (not too sure which is most effective).


I’m in the exact same situation. I was banned from Roblox yesterday for violating intellectual property (IP) guidelines on a few occasions. However, I actively reached out to Roblox to request the removal of those items and appealed the ban and I do regret it.

Now, let’s focus on the specific asset that triggered the DMCA claim. Upon reviewing it, it seems highly unlikely that the person who filed the claim holds the actual ownership rights to the asset. I suspect this might be a troll.

edit: I have sent Roblox a E-mail and linked it to this dev post.

also this is insane

Any luck getting unbanned? Really frustrated and nervous as time is running out for my appeal.

No not yet, now they’re telling me another reason why I’m banned, this is very confusing.

Update: The person that reported me just got banned

How many days till your appeal runs out?

30 Days, Roblox support is finally reviewing my counter-notice

Nice, they’re reviewing my request too now.

Due to support being so irresponsive, I can’t even ask them a question via email OR the support forum without them telling me that I’m terminated and why. It was for their “Repeat Infringer” policy but I couldn’t delete or archive any of the clothing that was flagged. It’s been months.

If your items were correctly taken down because they violated IP, then that’s on you. This topic is about people like me, who did not violate IP, but were terminated due to trolls.

They were items made years ago that I had no way of removing but I digress lol