UGC Concept || Amnesia vr Headset w/ hair

Introducing my latest UGC Concept… the Amnesia VR headset! (with hair)

This was my FIRST TIME doing hair with curves. It wasn’t as hard as thought and in my opinion its not amazing, but its not garbage.

I can’t post this without showing the reference I used to come up with this.

I wish I could’ve added more details from the cover, but my vert count was pretty high by the time the hair was done. So I stopped there.

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This is amazing! Im looking forward for more accessories made by you! :smile:


Thanks! I’m hoping I get accepted this wave.

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That looks slick. I hope it goes through!

it looks good but can you separate the hair and the headset into two different accessories it would be nice if you can (just asking LOL)

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If I did get in I’d make one version with the hair and one without the hair bc ngl the hair do be a bit wonky :rofl:

i mean its like a roblox bundle where it has the head and the accessory mixed together and its abit annoying if they are mixed because sometimes you can make unique avatars if they are separated dont you think?

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When I made the mask I thought it looked a bit empty so I added the hair from the reference.
You have a point though.

Really cool! Good luck with modeling/UGC!

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