Stylised Game controller axe. (procedural handpainting) (concept)

I LOVE making weapon concepts. I was watching someone draw an axe, and I noticed that at the beginning it looked alot like a game controller.
So I fired up Pureref and started having a look at some axes and game controllers.
I then went into blender, and modelled this!

the texture is all procedural meant to give a hand-painted sort of look.
It’s all fully baked on

this was the material I used for all the textures if anyone would like to test it out. It works best with sculpts.

Here are the geometry details (I wish i was in ugc then I could upload this as a back accesory or smth)
and heres a snapshot of the topology


Which looks better? One is more saturated.

Which looks better?

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I like the one on the very right as its more brighter and has more color.

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