UGC Concept ll Scifi fedora

Its been a while since i made a ugc concept.

i’m still trying to get in the program so here is another one ! a scifi fedora. for this one i wanted to make it simple and clean for the model. but focused on the texture.

hope you like it !

Tris : 539
Texture : 256x256

Sculpture before bake


Insane stuff. Texturing is great.

I really like the patterns, and the metal part. I could definitely see people getting them. Nice work!

That looks really nicely made, would be cool if you could make other versions of the same fedora but with neon looking lines around it to make it pop out more

Thank you for the feedback ! i’m making some more concepts quite soon !

Looks excellent, checked out your Twitter and I was blown away! Pleasantly surprised by how realistic some of your other creations are. :exploding_head:

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If this gets uploaded, I would 100% buy it! Maybe try it with some different colors, maybe a blue or red one would be cool.

It looks awesome I would buy that!