UGC Concept || Shadow Monk Bundle (6+ items)

I decided to put 6 UGC items together and make a character bundle out of it.
If I get into UGC this will DEFINITELY go on sale. And will cost less than a roblox bundle

If I had experience in layered clothing I’d have made some baggy trousers or some armour to make it pop more

This bundle includes
Shirt, pants, head with eyes, hat, scarf, mace and chain.


Oh my god. This looks so amazing!!! I’ll totally buy it when you get into UGC.

Players can’t make bundles, and plus, bundles usually needs a original body shape, this is just classical roblox…
If it’s a shoulder pal, its barely compatible with any outfits except green neon ninjas?

I think he just is going to sell them indavidualy



it literally says that it contains many accessories

The accessories can be worn with whatever body shape they want

It’s a bundle if I want it to be.
Just because it isn’t in the “Bundles” section doesn’t mean it isn’t.

If you want to dress up as it, you buy the shirt and pants to make your body black
then you buy the head to make your head black with green eyes.
Then you grab the accessories and complete the outfit. IT doesn’t matter which body type you have
:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:


Yeah I thought it’s an actual bundle.
It’s a set of UGCs, not a bundle.
Not too bad, but seriously, the hats is really all that’s gonna sell well.

It is a bundle if I say it is ugh

also in my opinion, the individual items look super bland unless put together.