UGC Concept: "Twister Head"


This is my second attempt at making a UGC Concept the first one didnt look that great but i think i did a lot better on this one!

Name: Twister Head
Description: (Someone think of a description for me im lazy)

Heres a video showcasing it.

Here is the more optimized version that meets the requirements of UGC.
(Thanks to @LostRemnants for letting me know about the requirements)

Please give me some feedback this took me about 6 - 7 hours to complete!

(Also if you have any better names let me know or even a description!)

What should be my next weather themed UGC concept?

  • Hurricane
  • Multiple Tornados
  • Extreme Thunder Storm
  • Tsunami
  • Other (Put in replies)

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It looks good!

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

(Btw, I like the name Twister)

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Yo i like it!
It’s really detailed but simple at the same time!
Good job

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I love it! Good Job! Also, Creative name!

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It’s great! good to your efforts! I think it’s nice and keep up the work

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Looks awesome! A bit detailed for a UGC in my opinion, but a good model besides.

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Really nice concept! Only downfall to this is that the UGC accessory limit is capped at 4k Tris with a texture limit of 256x256, whilst this one is sat at 7.3k tris :(. If you found a way to optimise this to be below 4k tris then that would be awesome!

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it got cool the idea of the tornado hehe but one thing that could change , would be the colors to get a little more cartoon .
continue with the beautiful work

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Looks good! The lightning looks cool too!

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I had no idea there was a limit of 4k i tried to keep it bellow 10k cause i thought that was the limit.
Also is there a way to shrink the texture cause i really dont wanna redo it lol.

I used an online image resizer for mine when I found out the image size restriction! It normally doesn’t effect the quality too critically when imported into studio thankfully, but there might be a bit of a change inside of blender :).

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Currently rendering the new optimized Twister Head UGC Concept! I will edit this post when it is done rendering i made it under 1200 verts and 4000 tris and redid the texture!

Here is the optimized UGC!

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That looks amazing! Genuinely Impressed at your dedication to meet the hat requirements too.

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I try my best even if im not that great of a modeler yet (i still look at tutorials lol)

But it took me a while to find out the best way to remove tris and verts without completely destroying the mesh.

I might submit this to the UGC applications cause i think i did fairly good for this simple idea!

Thanks for the feedback aswell! It really helped!

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Don’t worry about still looking at tutorials! 2 (nearly 3) years down the line and I still sit and watch tutorials to see if there’s any techniques I can utilise to improve the qualities of my models!
You 100% should submit the idea, and no worries for giving you feedback!


I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get some sales. Great model!