UGC Quality Control Suggestion

UGC Quality Control Suggestion

Hey Developers,

I’ve taken some time to compile my ideas for UGC into this little post. Feel free to leave your suggestions or concerns below in the comments and be sure vote on the poll attached.

Edited: I’m already aware of everything they announced during the session at RDC, these are just additional ideas I had.

My Ideas

Lego’s UGC Creation System

The Lego Company has a very similar idea that’s already in effect on their site. Users can upload set suggestions that they build using Lego software, and other users with paid accounts can like/upvote the set. If the set reaches 10,000 likes it gets produced into a real buyable product. Here’s an example of a set that has recently reached the requirement:

Final Thoughts

Now, of course, there are many other things Roblox could add to improve quality control of UGC, while still allowing all players to upload UGC items, but I just wanted to share the basics of my ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my thoughts. If you agree, or disagree, I have a poll attached to this post. If you any other questions, ideas, or concerns be sure to reply below.

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I have a good suggestion for quality control: only allowing verified creators to upload hats and not allowing duplicates. That’ll probably make sure that the people making hats aren’t just doing things like uploading retextured dominuses (domini?) and copies of old hats.


The avatar team has already taken quality control into consideration and they do have a long-term plan and vision of how this will be done. Some of which you have suggested is part of their plan. You can learn more about the plan in detail from their RDC presentation:


I talked with Matt & Stephen for a fairly long time after their panel at RDC about the future of UGC. While right now it’s a little bit tilted to unfair (some of these OG 13 are making nearly DevEx figures in just a few short hours due to the over-hype of UGC) I believe whole heartedly in their vision and how it was laid out for the future. It’s just one of those things where you need to trust in the process and realize it’ll get better with time.


Sorry for any confusion. I was in the session, and most of this stuff I would know as a result, but I still think they should take it further or when/if they decide to open it up publicly they could do this. I’m just throwing out ideas and such :ok_hand:


While new ideas are always nice, UGC was something they’ve already spent so much time thinking about and deciding. I feel it’s best to just let the cards fall as they fall now rather than change it up and risk making a grave mistake.


Just because Lego does it doesn’t mean we should. I do like the idea of extending the rating system to UGC though its not gonna fix dislike bombs.

I’m not sure if you thought about the countless people with a lifetime subscription of NBC when you suggested premium to like/dislike in order to prevent dislike bombing. Might as well tell people they can’t make an account until their account is at least a day old. (Yeah I see the infinite loop it’s intentional.)

I think there should be an automated system in place that allows people to submit their UGC for publishing (similar to Facebook’s privacy features on posts and pages). These checks should be preliminary in order to get to the final moderation review. The better you are at following the rules and guidelines while creating your asset the more karma or credit rating you get, and eventually you should be trusted enough to get lenient / speedy moderation. Where as any moderation on a published / pending asset can decrease that rating causing you to either have to wait longer periods and deal with harsher moderation or even getting barred from the feature altogether.

That paired with needing premium IMO will open UGC to everyone, efficiently and without bias.

I don’t think any social features should ever be behind premium. Groups, Comments, Ratings… etc. You should never have to pay to express your opinion on the platform.

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What if I want to create an accessory for myself?
Why would anyone like an asset that they won’t even be able to use?

(Assuming it will be possible to create private UGC)