UGC validation error: "Failed to validate current user owns asset"

When I go into “avatar setup” to validate my avatar, it keeps giving me 6 errors regarding my cagemeshes and bodypart meshes, saying that it cannot validate wether I am the owner. All meshes are owned by my group, including those which I get an error about.

Has anyone had this issue before and fixed it? I’ve tried re-uploading my character 3 times now to no avail.



are you uploading the avatar through the group?


The account I’m on is the owner of the group, all asset ID’s are owned by the group, the place I’m in is owned by the group, yet it still gives me warnings.
If I try to upload same character to a private account, it works without issue, it’s only when I try to upload it to the group that this occurs.


is there no way to transfer the avatar to the group? Like if you made it with the account that owns the group and then added it to the group without actually uploading it through the group first.

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