Ugh_Lily's Admin Panel [Open Source] [updated]

Ugh_Lily’s Admin Panel

The thing that took me way too weeks to make.


I forgot to remove my debugging stuff as well as an extra function, so now those are gone. I have also added shadows to the UI, thanks to wind_o and Validark.

I’m back again with something that was already done by @Profess_ional, but since I consider him my competition, I decided to try and outdo him. This is the result of that little project.


  • It has everything that Profess_ional’s has, just with my own custom “”“material design”"" interface.
  • Comes 100% scripted with everything aside from the language settings and theme changer.
  • DataStore bans!
    • Credit to @Ozzypig for the original and unmodified ban script.
    • Only has times of one day, one week, and forever.
  • Announcements
    • Can be directed towards one user or everyone for some reason.
  • Kicking!
    • You can provide a custom reason as well!
  • You can add admins in the main server script (as well as group admin). Code taken from @EmeraldSlash’s “basic admin commands” tutorial.

Now I’m not that good of a scripter, so this might be a very bad thing to use, but it’s still an example of my better UI.

To get it, you can either get the source from the place, or run this installer code in your command bar.

I am accepting donations if you want to donate, but otherwise, it is 100% free to use and will always be that way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for reading!


  • @Fractality for the Spring code.
  • Ozzypig for the original ban code.
  • EmeraldSlash for the admin checking code.
  • @wind_o for the base UI styling idea.
  • @Quenty for the banner making code.

This looks super cool. Here are a few tips to improve your overall design interface.

  • Use rounded borders
  • Apply shadows to your UI elements
  • Make the TextBoxes more distinct (the bottom line should be a thin gray line representing the textbox)
  • Don’t overuse bold and thin font weights (try making the input boxes just a normal weight)
  • Overlapping elements (see 13.93s in your GIF)

You should check out the official Material design website which gives really good UI advise which can be applied to practically anything.


Yeah, I usually follow material specifications, but I’ve decided against doing that for a bit because I’ve gotten bored of it.

  • Rounded corners have lost their charm for me because I overdid them before, plus the top part which I really like would’ve been much harder to do with that.
  • Shadows would conflict since I’m using ClipsDescendants, so I’m more than likely not going to be doing that, although I would’ve liked to.
  • I do need to double check the actual text input for material spec to get that more accurate.
  • I used the bold fonts to show that this is something that’s important and should be noticed, it’s kinda how I show that it’s a possible input.
  • Oops. I’ll have to fix that.

It works great! I also love how you implemented Remote Event protection against Exploiters!


Yeah, I decided to implement it very late on into the development process (today actually). Felt it was a good idea to do that so people could give certain people access to it.


@ProgrammerA10 and I actually coded Profess_ional’s admin panel, and honestly… this is MUCH better then mine, UI wise at-least. I have yet to look at the code, but good job!


Competition for what? DevForum isn’t necessarily a competition platform so much as it is a learning one (debatable that learning inspires competition and vice versa), but good to hear you have something to motivate you, I guess.

I’m more interested in the functionality of this UI than the overall design, personally. It looks interesting, though I feel that I can modify Profess_ional’s UI to suit my needs more easily than this. It wouldn’t really fit to have all UIs one style, then suddenly out of nowhere there’s a material design smacked in with disorienting aesthetic in comparison to the rest of the interfaces. I also typically don’t use resources raw (its circumstantial - I almost never raw-use a UI), but rather to dissect them.

Apart from personal comments, I have nothing left to offer - it’s already been stated by others in their own responses. Thanks for sharing.


Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition; it keeps innovation and new ideas flowing.

As for the actual panel, it looks nice. I feel it’s a bit limited, custom-wise, but it looks nice. I would suggest taking what Qxest said into account.


This looks great,
I might be using it and modifying it to our own needs in me and my friend’s games!
Thank you for this


That looks pretty good! The UI is also pretty nice as it looks more “cleaner” then other admin systems ui’s.


You’re right about it being not customizable. It’s more of a barebones example of my UI styling (and @wind_o’s, who I got this style from).


Looks great! I will definitely try to use this in a game or something.


Admin panel… Material design language… I think I’m in love.

Definitely am gonna try this out, and without a doubt I’ll be trying to see if I can improve upon the Material Design language stuff since I’m way too in love with that design language. Thanks!


Create the first frame of the UI, make sure ClipsDescendants is off. You can add shadow to this frame
Insert a second frame into the first frame, size accordingly and turn ClipsDescendants on.

This way, you can have shadow and ClipsDecendants in your UI.


All added.


Nice admin panel! The functionality is superb, and the UI design is fantastic. On another note I suggest new developers create and use a custom admin system. This allows more functionality and is more secure than a traditional admin panel.


I’d rather give 10/10 If ban list was added to that admin panel.
By the way Nice UI.


The admin panel is very nice and functional. It also looks very modern. The UI is also very professional to go along with it.


Haha, love it. Although I’m not surprised you outdid me seeing as you taught me when I first started


This is definitely a wonderful admin panel. This UI is very smooth and modern. Heck, it’s even better than my UI styling! haha