Ugly Texture In Studio

So i Madea very nice leaves texture for my stylized trees ok when I use them IN blender they look the same but when I import the texture in studio they are ugly lines surrounding the leaves

see the ugly outlines
this is how its supposed to look like dont mind the color btw
Screenshot 2022-06-26 120940

in this picture they are no out lines I use to make the textures

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Can you upload the texture and make it public, then reply with the link so I can try messing around for a solution?

EPICLEAVES.pdn (54.3 KB)

Both have the same issue

Here, just give me a barebones baseplate with the tree, I’m having some trouble.

the tree dont matter Rn all i have is the bush and the texture is the issue how would me giving you the model help already tried every thing

Okay your right, if you tried literally everything then there’s no point. Hope you figure out a solution!

no please
(2) BAD TREE ANIME - Roblox

Put a transparent white background with an opacity of 1 for the image then reupload to Roblox. This is (I’m fairly certain) due to some sort of scaling Roblox uses.

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I tried that in in not work @VegetationBush

It looks like that black outline is caused by Roblox blurring the texture, causing the otherwise unseen transparent pixels’ colors to be seen. Try running your texture through PixelFix, which adds color to unseen transparent pixels, usually fixing this problem. After that, reupload the texture and try it out.