Uhhh....What is happening here?

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So I was just wondering around, playing roblox, nothing out of the world, when I decided to play “Theme Park Tycoon 2” but when I triedto join the game, the “Play” button, wasn’t there…just, the thumbnail, the Like vs Dislike ratio, favorites, and other stuff fro a game page, everything except the “Play” button.

I tried refreshing, nothing, I decided to go to another game…and then this message popped up.!

Can someonetell me what this is? Because I’m not sure what it is, it pops up every now and then, sadly I’ve got screenshots about, “The Play button not appearing”, but I think you guys will get the picture here.

–P.S:If this is happening to you aswell, tell me your story.

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Roblox breaks now and then, but just in case, mind posting the link to the page you are trying to access?

I’m trying, but I don’t know how.

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I see many topics, but none of them are to roblox bugs…


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This wouldn’t go in a Roblox bug report anyway. There have been multiple reports about this. Since you are only a new member, you cannot create bug report threads on your own. I’d recommend looking at and replying to [ROBLOXCRITICAL] Users are unable to join existing/new servers on games since there’s already a thread about this there.

Oh…Well I just wait until someone puts this in the right category?

Well, thanks, I’ve gotten that bug aswell, kinda similar, but the only difference between that one and this one is that this is on the website, that one is trying to join the game.
(And yes I’ve seen the tweet of Roblox saying about that.)

Try going to this link: https://www.roblox.com/games/69184822/Theme-Park-Tycoon-2

Huh, guess that worked, thanks buddy! Can always count on the Roblox Community. :smiley:

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