About the Documentation Requests category


Need help on a subject, but can’t find any existing tutorials on it? The Developer Hub Documentation Requests category is the right place to make that request! This category is used to request new content which you think would benefit a large audience of Developers.

You can use Documentation Requests to request the following for our Developer Hub:

  • API documentation
  • Tutorials
  • New articles, recipes or code samples
  • Clarifications, reviews, updates and for existing documentation
  • Fixes for typos, formatting issues, and other minor changes

There are a few things to keep in mind before posting:

  • All requests should pertain to, and be appropriate for, our Roblox Developer Hub.
  • If you’re requesting something new, please confirm that what you’re requesting has not already been created.
  • If you’re requesting updates to existing content, please provide a link to the content you would like updated.
  • Keep requests short and precise.

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