UI Dark Mode or Light Mode

What is better to the eyes. Dark UI or Light UI? I honestly think Dark UI, but will kids find it cool with such UI or no? Like do they like colorful more?



I suppose you could add both!

Some people prefer dark mode, and others like light mode. Personally, I use light mode but I may sometimes use dark mode when I’m in the dark. But, you can still decide if you want only one mode to be in your game. :slight_smile:


I agree with jenny, I think you should allow both options, which people could choose if they want Light/Dark with a settings page and a button to change it. (Maybe if you’re able to, have it save for people, what I mean is, they join, get asked which they want, then everytime they join, they see the option they chose.)


When I create games, I give others the option to choose. Some people just prefer light mode but in some cases, disabilities can affect your ability to see games clearly. It’s much more flexible for games to have this option and I wish that more games make this option more accessible :slight_smile:

Here’s a demo of what it looks like:

(Please don’t watch this video if you are vulnerable to epilepsy)


I prefer dark mode as it makes me feel more like a pro developer (which I’m not lol), and it is easier on the eyes


That idea of giving an option to change to dark mode and light mode in a game is awesome, I’m more impressed that you could implement it since I can hardly make a block move lol

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Actually I think it depends on the person. I have a friend who gets a pretty bad migraine while using Discord’s dark mode and needs to use light mode for that reason. If you’re planning on adding an option to switch between light and dark, I’d say go for it

A lot of people will likely prefer dark mode as it’s easier on the eyes (especially in low light situations), but people who need to use light mode to avoid getting something like headaches (or people who simply prefer it) will thank you for adding a toggle to use it

Making your game accessible to more people by providing things like this (or even things like visual and audio aids) should become a more prevalent thing in gaming imo, The Last of Us 2 was praised for its multitude of different accessibility options and I’d like to see more games with accessibility options like it, although I can definitely understand why you wouldn’t since they’re probably quite hard to make lol


Dark mode whenever I go back to light mode my eyes hurt because I had it on for a year and a half lol.

i personally like dark mode as the light mode is too bright and i kinda hate it for that reason

Personally I like dark mode. Light mode is too bright and gives me a headache. You should probably have an option between dark mode and light mode so people can choose their personal preference.

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Having functionality for both is pretty easy if you think that’s the best design route (which seems to be the consensus in this thread). In terms of swapping dark / light modes procedurally, it’s super easy to do with the toHSV / fromHSV functionality of Color3. To swap stuff just invert the V value and you’re good to go, though you may consider also upping the saturation value to really make things pop in dark mode.

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In my opinion, I think it depends on the person as others have said in the previous replies to this DevForum topic.

I am fine with both dark mode and light mode and recently, I’ve been going with light mode for Google Chrome, the Roblox Developer Forums, the Roblox website, Discord, Twitter and a few more websites/applications.

You should create a button or something like that where users can switch from light mode to dark mode within a click.

A good example of this would be this place created by @lexishh

What she has done is basically create a small button where users can quickly go into dark mode within a click.

Once the button is clicked, the UI turns into dark mode:

Just wanted to point out this example @lexishh has made as I think this is a good example in UX for users as some users prefer dark mode and some users prefer light mode. A small button like this implemented onto a UI is good in UX as I’ve just said, it solves the problem for users preferences.

I searched up this and here’s an answer:

So, it is up to you whether you want light mode or dark mode enabled for your game’s UI, though in my opinion, I think either light mode or dark mode is fine (from my perspective). If you don’t want to add in a button similar to an example I’ve shown then, I’d recommend going with dark mode instead of light mode. Though that is up to you. This is my suggestion if you would not like to add a button like this example I’ve shown.

Hope this helped. :slight_smile:


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It’s better to add that to the preferences or setting bar in your game. Save that to a datastore too! Once they load in, if they have data and their preference is dark mode, send a remote event with there preference. A lot of people prefer dark mode, however, there are some who need light mode due to accessibility.

Ok ty. :D. I already tested and it’s pretty easy to script.

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