UI Designer - Plugin Interface

About the plugin
Mannequin+ started out as a personal 24 hour challenge to brush up on my plugin knowledge and to my surprise, it grew a tiny community of individuals who became fond of the utility. This was my first time publishing a plugin with the intent to distribute it, and within a matter of days the project was discontinued due to the lack of demand for updates.

After being contacted by a few individuals in the clothing industry on Roblox I’m taking the step to not only re-brand Mannequin+, but also provide a new suite of tools for clothing designers and developers alike to use to quickly sell clothing. I’m looking for a UI designer who can plan, conceptualize, and build an interface that will be implemented directly as a plugin.

Current design

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  • Experience with modern UI design
  • Examples of previous work


I can pay in both Robux or USD at your discretion. Base pay starts @ 25 USD or 5,000 Robux. Prices can and will be adjusted after consulting about the design specifications.

Send me a private message on the DevForums or contact me on Discord if you are interested in working on this project.



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