UI Element Rendering Issue in Examine Avatar

Issue Description:

When examining an avatar in Roblox, one of the UI elements in the Examine Avatar interface fails to render correctly. Specifically, the green interface indicating the item’s price, ownership status, or off-sale status is not displayed as expected.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Join any Roblox experience (e.g., Natural Disaster Survival).
  2. Open the leaderboard on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click on any player’s name.
  4. Select the “Examine Avatar” option.
    4.1. Alternatively, open the Inspect Menu and click on the icon with a magnifying glass and a plus sign.
  5. Analyze any item the user has and observe the green interface representing the item’s cost in Robux, ownership status, or off-sale status.

Expected Behavior

The green interface should be rendered correctly, following the same scheme as the button on the left side “Try On”.

Actual Behavior

The green interface does not render correctly, giving the impression of something glitchy, and the corners with scaling problems.

Visual Aids:



  1. Although there is one post regarding the same issue under another subcategory of #bug-reports, this one follows the guides on filing a bug report correctly (pinging @meow_pizza and @Arylist).
  2. Something interesting to point out is while this feature was introduced back in 2019, the green interface already had rendering problems. If you pay closely, you can notice the pixels on the edges.


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We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

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